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Green Bay Philatelic Society
Green Bay Philatelic Society

APS Chapter #1219

Brown County Aging Resources Center, 300 So. Adams St., 3rd Thursday of each month, open 7pm, business meeting 7:30, program 8pm.
Contact: 1002 Amberly Trail, Green Bay, WI 54311

Dave Burrows, President
Randy Younger, Vice-President
Ray Perry, Secretary
Kirk Becker, Treasurer
Ray Perry, Editor
Darryl Ruprecht, Publisher

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MARCH MEETING — Baypex '15 & Happy St. Patrick's Day

WHERE: Brown County Aging Resources Center

WHEN: March 19, 2015 (third Thursday of every month)

TIME: Open 7:00 pm, Business Meeting 7:30

PROGRAM: Silent Auction and Baypex Final Plans

Reminder: We are back at the Brown County Aging Resources Center (Senior Center) with that we need volunteer members to pick up a key from the Senior Center by 4:00 pm on the day of the meeting. March's volunteer is Randy Younger.

Note: Winter Cancellation Policy — in the event of adverse weather, the meeting will be cancelled if the Green Bay Public Schools are cancelled.

March Meeting

The meeting was called to order by president, Dave Burrows. We welcomed new member Robert Olien to the club. Robert enjoys collecting trains on stamps. We also welcomed new junior members Caleb, Abigail, and Lindsey Matthys to the club. They enjoy collecting U.S., U.S. mint, Magyar Posta, Liberia, and Poland. Unfortunately Lindsey was not able to attend the meeting, but we want to extend a warm welcome to her just the same


Unfinished Business:

Tri-fold Brochure: Kirk Becker and Darryl Ruprecht are working together on developing a tri-fold brochure that will explain philately and our club for distribution to interested parties.

Dues: Members were reminded that dues are now due. Please get them in as soon as possible. Where else can you get so much fun and satisfaction for a whole year for a measley $10.00. We really need each and every one of you, so get your dues paid, come to the meetings, and have a good time.

New Business:


With the show and tell portion of the program, Ray brought a document from the Civil War era. The document is titled "Affidavit for Wife" and is franked with a 5 cent Internal Revenue revenue stamp. The form was filed by Henry Kelly, a soldier in the Civil War. He was requesting additional compensation to help support his wife and five children while he was away fighting the war. The document is pictured below.
Affidavit for Wife

As always we had a silent auction.

March Program: We will finalize plans for Baypex '15 and have our usual silent auction. Anyone interested in bringing a show and tell, feel free to do so.

Dave's Deliberations

It's time to write my piece for the March Newsletter. I look at my desk, it's buried in several collection albums along with several catalogues (or should it be catalogs?). I'm looking for a subject and there it is in front of me. I have several basic categories that I collect, United Kingdom, associated Dominions and Commonwealths, present and former colonies and territories, United States prior to 1940, Scandinavia and several other European countries. In all a quick count gives me twenty different catalogues and well over a hundred loose leaf albums in the shelves surrounding this desk. In addition there are albums of countries I do not collect, and albums of duplicates of that I do collect.

I have now been retired for almost fifteen years. At retirement I had possibly five or six loose leaf binders. After several years of periodically working on this small accumulation, I saw a small insert in the Green Bay Press Gazette giving the date of the next Baypex. Ray's name and email were included in that announcement. The contact I made with Ray led to my much more intense interest in this hobby. Now you know my recent history. Next time I'll relate some ancient history.

Ray's Ramblings

Last month we traveled through the U.S. stamps of the 1960's. This month I think we'll continue our journey through U.S. stamps. We are up to the 1970's. A time when the Postal Service started to become greedy. We saw the introduction of multiple plate numbers requiring the plate block be composed of as many as 20 stamps. We saw many se-tenant stamp issues requiring the purchase of two or more stamps in an issue. We saw the numbers of new issues begin to sky rocket. On the bright side for the most part we were still commemorating worthwhile subjects such as space missions, noteworthy individuals, and of course our country's bicentennial. We started to see the introduction of topical issues like the se-tenant blocks of four owls, endangered flora, folk art, architecture, olympics, or trees. Let's take a little closer look at some of the stamps of the 70's.

The decade started off with a se-tenant block of 4 issues to commemorate the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. The four issues pictured an American bald eagle, an African elephant, a Haida ceremonial canoe, and dinosaurs. The museum was founded by Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. (the father of President Theodore Roosevelt), and industrialist J. P. Morgan. It currently has in excess of 25 buildings and houses over 32 million specimens. The block of four is pictured below.

Scott #1387-90
Scott #1387-90

The first definitive set issued in the 1970's was issued in 1970. It contained only seven face different issues. One of these designs was the Eisenhower stamp. It was issued in 6 cent and 8 cent denominations with multiple booklet pane formats in each denomination. Besides President Eisenhower others pictured in the issue included Benjamin Franklin, Fiorello LaGuardia, Ernie Pyle, Elizabeth Blackwell, and Amadeo Giannini. The final design was the Postal Service emblem. We are all familiar with the accomplishments of "Ike", B. Franklin, and the Postal Service emblem. Many of us have heard of LaGuardia from the famous New York airport. LaGuardia was probably best known for his 3 terms as mayor of New York City. He also served multiple terms as a U.S. Congressman from New York. Many of us have also heard of Ernie Pyle, American journalist, best known for his reporting on the American soldier in WW II. These two stamps are pictured below.

Scott #1397
Scott #1397
Scott #1398
Scott #1398

Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States. She was both a political and social reformer in the U.S. and Great Britain. I wonder if the small community of Blackwell, WI in Forest County just north of Wabeno is named after her, if anybody knows, please let me know. The last person also relatively unknown is Amadeo Giannini. He was an American banker that founded Bank of America. Some key projects he was involved with through his banking prowess included money lent to Walt Disney to produce Snow White, money lent to William Hewlett and David Packard to form Hewlett-Packard, and he bought the bonds to finance the Golden Gate Bridge. Pictures of the stamps of Blackwell and Giunnini are shown below.

Scott #1399
Scott #1399
Scott #1400
Scott #1400

This would not be the last definitive series issued in the 1970's. Probably the more popular and heavily used is the Americana Issue. This issue has over 20 face different stamps and was in service from 1975 — 1981 when it was replaced by the Great Americans series. It is fitting that the Americana issue would be in use during the celebration of our country's bicentennisl. I think when you take a look at some of the stamps in this issue shown below, you will agree that their design has a distinctly colonial American flavor.

Scott #1581-1612
Scott #1581-1612

Se-tenants really took off during the decade. There were se-tenants commemorating everything from minerals to the Universal Postal Union, American Dance, and owls. Pictured below is a se-tenant block of 4 commemorating U.S. trees.

Scott #Scott1764-67
Scott #1764-67

You just knew that my forestry background would require me to use the "trees" as my example of a se-tenant, right?

Probably the biggest single event celebrated during the 1970's and commemorated on numerous issues of the decade was our wonderful country's bicentennial celebration of independence. A quick perusal of the Harris catalogue would seem to indicate that the first issue somewhat related to our celebration of independence was the colonial craftsmen issued in 1972 and shown below.

Scott #1456-59
Scott #1456-59

Since the Revolutionary War was not over until the Battle of Yorktown in 1781, the bicentennial issues did not end until 1981 with the commemoration of Yorktown on Scott #1937-38 pictured on the next page. This se-tenant pair actually commemorated two battles — the well known battle of Yorktown (Scott #1937) and the lesser known battle of Virginia Capes (Scott #1938). The two go hand in hand as the battle of Virginia Capes cut off the sea as an escape route for the British at Yorktown bringing the war to an end.

Scott #1937-38
Scott #1937-38

In celebrating our nation's bicentennial many great pieces of art were shown on stamps. How about the Spirit of 76 issue based on the painting "Spirit of 76" by Archibald M. Willard and pictured on a first day cover below.

Scott #1629-31
Scott #1629-31

I've often thought that a topical collection featuring the stamps related to the birth of our great country would make for an interesting collection — maybe someday.

In the meantime we'll stop here for this month, but continue our tour of the 1970's in April. There are just way too many interesting stamps and topics left in that era to discuss. In the meantime we'll see you at Baypex '15.

Dues are Due

Dues are now past due. When you renew your membership in the stamp club this year, the Treasurer will ask you to verify the contact information in the club membership list. If there are any changes to your information, it will be noted and updated. Dues are still only $10 per year. So far we have 16 adult members, 5 junior members, and 4 life members. Last year we had 32 adult members, 2 junior members and 1 life members. Please get your dues in as soon as possible, we need each and every one of you to remain an active and vibrant organization.

Stamp Shows

(See Across the Fence Post for more details)

Mar 21, 2015: Baypex '15
St. Matthew Catholic Church Multi-Purpose Room
2575 S. Webster Ave.
Green Bay, WI
Apr 19, 2015: Danepex '15
Crowne Plaza Hotel
4402 E. Washington Ave.
Madison, WI
Apr 25, 2015: Outapex '15
VFW Hall
501 Richmond St.
Appleton, WI

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