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Green Bay Philatelic Society

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Brown County Aging Resources Center, 300 So. Adams St., 3rd Thursday of each month, open 7pm, business meeting 7:30, program 8pm.
Contact: 1002 Amberly Trail, Green Bay, WI 54311

Darryl Ruprecht, President
Dave Burrows, Vice-President
Ray Perry, Secretary
Kirk Becker, Treasurer
Ray Perry, Editor
Darryl Ruprecht, Publisher

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JUNE MEETING — The Good Old Summertime


WHEN: June 19, 2014 (third Thursday of every month)

TIME: Open 7:00 pm, SUMMER MTG. — No Business Meeting

PROGRAM: Silent Auction and Philatelic Fellowship

Reminder: We need volunteer members to pick up a key from the Senior Center by 4:00 pm the day of the meeting. June's volunteer is Dave Burrows.

May Meeting

Old Business: Randy Younger reports that he continues to have trouble getting in touch with the American Topical Association in regards to forming a local chapter of ATA. Several members of both organizations offered to lend a hand.

New Business: Mark Schroeder volunteered to take a mint sheet stockbook down to Wiscopex to donate to the Federation from GBPS to be used in the Federation's silent auction at Wiscopex. Thanks Mark.

American Philatelic Society Membership: Ray mentioned that the annual survey for free club membership in APS is out. He confirmed that the club still wanted to pay dues to APS rather than seek the free dues option (which we would qualify for). It was agreed that due to the personal contact information requested by APS the club would opt out of the free membership and pay the dues. Ray will confirm with APS that we still want the American Philatelist to go to the main branch of the Brown County Library.

Juniors Committee: Dave Burrows and Dave Devroy reported that they met with 3 of the 6 home schooled kids that we met with back in late March. Those 3 kids are still very enthusiastic about stamp collecting. The other 3 seem to have lost interest. The family is finding many ways to use the "Stamp from Every Country" album and concept as an educational tool.

Show Committee: Ray reported he has reserved St. Matthew Multi-Purpose Center for Saturday, March 21, 2015 for Baypex '15. Request for help: If anyone knows what happened to Clete Delvaux's large coffee pot at the end of Baypex, please let me know. I remember a coffee pot left at the end and it just slipped my mind that it was Clete's and I was supposed to take it home. I am checking with the custodian at the school/church to see if he has found any extra coffee pots around. Clete had his name on the bottom of the coffee pot, so it should be easy to identify. Anyway, if anyone has any recollection of what happened to it, please give me a call at the phone number in the letterhead. Thanks.

Membership Committee: Ray gave the annual membership report. We are down three members from last year, two of which have committed to pay their dues. Ray will contact those two before the June meeting. One long time member will drop out. We added two Junior members over the past year.

For Your Information: : Bob Petersen asked how to inventory/value your collection. There was input from a number of club members including the following:

  1. Consider if you are evaluating for selling your collection or insuring it. If for selling your collection use a wholesale value. If for insurance use a retail value
  2. Dealers will evaluate your collection for a fee, or you can spend the time and evaluate yourself using a catalogue. It was generally thought that if you are evaluating it for sale you should use somewhere between 2% and 12% of the catalogue value.
  3. In the process you need to consider the condition of the stamps (centering, hinged/NH/used, pulled perfs, creases, thins, heavy cancels, the specific cancel) all of these things can and do impact the value.

Election: Nominating Committee chair, Randy Younger presented the following candidates for the respective offices:
President: Dave Burrows
Vice President: Randy Younger
Treasurer: Kirk Becker
Secretary: Ray Perry
Current president, Darryl Ruprecht, called for nominations from the floor. There being none, nominations were closed. Collin Dahl moved that a unanimous ballot be cast for the slate of officers submitted by the nominating committee. The motion was seconded by Dave Devroy. The motion carried.

May Program: Following the election a lively silent auction occurred along with the usual fellowship.

June, July, and August Programs: Recall that there are no business meetings during the months of June, July, and August unless something pressing comes up (not anticipated). The meeting programs will be silent auctions and philatelic fellowship. A great chance to talk about stamp collecting with someone that shares the same passion for the hobby as you do and maybe glean some new information about a part of the hobby you are not familiar with. We invite any club that wishes to join us to feel free to attend one of our summer meetings (or any of our regular meetings as well) and by all means bring an item or two for the silent auction. Also, feel free to bid on the lots entered in the auction. The more the merrier.

Ray's Ramblings

Last month we ended our trip through U.S. stamp issues with the "Overrun Countries Series" of 1943 - 44. I had commented on my appreciation of the art and beauty of these stamps. Following this series there were several single issues commemorating such varied topics as the railroads, steamships, telegraph, Florida's centennial, and motion pictures. There were also several stamps related to the war including one showing the island of Corregidor, one noting the Peace Conference on April 25, 1945, and one commemorating the Battle for Iwo Jima. These three stamps are pictured below:

 Scott #925  Scott #928
Corregidor (Scott #925) Peace Conference
(Scott #928)

Scott #929
Iwo Jima
(Scott #929)

I'm sure that we are all familiar with Corregidor through our U.S. history classes in high school. In 1942 the Japanese took Corregidor. In 1945 U.S. and Philipine forces retook the island. Corregidor was critical to controlling Manilla Bay, said to be the greatest natural harbor in the far east. Just as well known is the battle for Iwo Jima and the famous raising of the American flag on Mount Suribachi by 5 U.S. marines and 1 navy corpsman. The famous photo was taken by Joe Rosenthal. Of the six men in the picture, three (Franklin Sousley, Harlan Block, and Michael Strank) of them never made it off Iwo Jima. The other three were Ira Hayes, Rene Gagnon, and John Bradley. John Bradley was the navy corpsman and was from Antigo, WI. He was the last surviving member of the group of six that raised the flag. The picture is actually the second raising of the American flag on Iwo Jima. The first flag raising was earlier, the second raising replaced the initial flag with a larger flag.

Shortly after President Franklin Roosevelt's death in April of 1945 a memorial issue consisting of 4 stamps was issued. Each stamp in the issue consists of an inset of the president's head with a different background. The issue consisted of 4 different denominations, each in a different color. The 1 cent value was green and showed Hyde Park, the president's home, in the background. The 2 cent value was red and showed the "Little White House" in Warm Springs, GA in the background. This was where President Roosevelt went for therapy for polio. The 3 cent value was purple and showed the White House in the background. Finally, the 5 cent value was blue and showed a globe with President Roosevelt's "four freedoms" printed on it. These stamps are pictured below.
Scott #930-33
Scott #930 - 33

Following the FDR stamps came a number of single issues commemorating various state's anniversary, branches of the armed forces, and other noteworthy topics. I personally like these issues. Despite for the most part their low monetary value, I believe that they commemorate noteworthy historical events like the Kearney Expedition, anniversaries of statehood, famous or accomplished individuals like Thomas Edison, and American institutions like the Smithsonian Institute. In my mind these topics are far more worthy of a U.S. stamp than say "The Simpsons" or somebody's futuristic idea of space travel. Examples of each of some of these stamps are shown below.

 Scott #942  Scott #945
Scott #942
Centennial of Iowa
Scott #945
Thomas Edison

Scott #943
Scott #943
Smithsonian Institute

Now compare the topics on those stamps with these.
Scott #4399-4403
The Simpsons (Scott #4399 - 4403)

Scott #2741-45
Fantasy Space Travel (Scott #2741 — 2745)

Which stamps do a better job of portraying significant events, people, or contributions to our country or the world. For those that wonder where we could cut back on the influx of new issues I have a couple of suggestions :). Oh well, enough editorializing for now. Lets get back to our trip through U.S. stamps.

In 1947 the country celebrated the 100th anniversary of United States Postage Stamps. It issued a souvenir sheet (Scott #948) that contained reproductions of the first two U.S. stamps. The souvenir sheet was sold at Centenary International Philatelic Exhibition held in Grand Central Palace, New York, NY. The souvenir sheet is shown below.
Scott #948
Scott #948
Each of the two stamps in the souvenir sheet were and still are useable as postage.

Following the CIPEX Souvenir Sheet were a number of individual issues commemorating a wide variety of worthy subjects. I feel compelled to note several of these. The first is Scott #956 commemorating the Immortal Chaplains, four men (George L. Fox — Methodist minister, Clark V. Poling — Reformed Church in America minister, John P. Washington — Roman Catholic Priest, and Alexander D. Goode — Reform Rabbi) who gave their lives to save others in the sinking of the S.S. Dorchester in 1943. After the Dorchester was torpedoed and sinking the four men helped the survivors leave the ship in an orderly fashion. When there were not enough life jackets, they gave theirs to others. Some of the survivors said as the ship went down they saw the 4 chaplains with arms locked singing hymns, and praying for the rest of the men. The stamp is pictured below.

 Scott #956  Scott #957
Four Chaplains
(Scott #956)
Wisconsin Centennial
(Scott #957)

Shown beside the Four Chaplains stamp is Scott #957 commemorating the Centennial of Wisconsin's statehood. Just had to include that one.

Another stamp of significance to me is Scott #961, that is the stamp commemorating a century of friendship between the United States and Canada. Readers of this publication know that I collect both the U.S. and Canada. There is something appealing about the north country. Pictured on this stamp is the old Niagara Railway Suspension Bridge. The bridge had been replaced even before the stamp was issued. The stamp is pictured below.
Scott 961
Scott #961

I think we will wrap it up here for the month. One last note before I sign off — we talked about CIPEX in 1947 commemorating the 100th anniversary of our first stamp issue. That souvenir sheet was Scott #948. Since then another 67 years have passed and we are now on Scott #4800 give or take. So, 948 stamps in the first 100 years and about 3,850 stamps in the next 67 years. Let the presses roll :).

Reminder: This is the last newsletter until September. The program for September is Pretty Ugly Night, more in the September newsletter.

Schedule of Events

Shown below is the program schedule for the current year:

Speaking of north country, why not take a drive up to Escanaba (remember Escanaba is on eastern time) or Woodruff this summer for a stamp show. After the show hang out a while and enjoy the beauty of the northwoods in summertime.

Stamp Shows

(See Across the Fence Post for more details)

June 21-22: Chippewa Valley Stamp Show
North 1025 - 910th St.
Rock Falls, WI
June 28-29: Tri-pex Stamp Fair
St. Aloysius Gonzaga Hall
1435 S. 92nd St.
West Allis, WI
July 12: Bay de Noc Stamp and Coin Show
Joseph Heirman Bldg
2001 N. Lincoln Rd.
Escanaba, MI
July 26: Lakeland Coin & Stamp Summer Show
Woodruff Town Hall
Hwy 47 East
Woodruff, WI

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