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Green Bay Philatelic Society

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Brown County Aging Resources Center, 300 So. Adams St., 3rd Thursday of each month, open 7pm, business meeting 7:30, program 8pm.
Contact: 1002 Amberly Trail, Green Bay, WI 54311

Dave Burrows, President
Randy Younger, Vice-President
Ray Perry, Secretary
Kirk Becker, Treasurer
Ray Perry, Editor
Darryl Ruprecht, Publisher

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MAY MEETING — Happy Memorial Day

WHERE: Brown County Aging Resources Center

WHEN: May 21, 2015 (third Thursday of every month)

TIME: Open 7:00 pm, Business Meeting 7:30

PROGRAM: Election of Officers and Silent Auction

Reminder: We are back at the Brown County Aging Resources Center (Senior Center) with that we need volunteer members to pick up a key from the Senior Center by 4:00 pm on the day of the meeting. May's volunteer is Randy Younger.

April Meeting

The meeting was called to order by president, Dave Burrows.

Visitors Brandon and Mason and their Mom introduced themselves to the club. Club members introduced themselves and what they enjoy collecting. Both Brandon and Mason enjoy the variety of different collecting interests.


Unfinished Business:

Tri-fold Brochure: Anyone with input should get that input to Kirk or Darryl.

New Business:
Upcoming Shows: Outapex, Danepex, and Wiscopex. Dave Burrows will be going down to Wiscopex and will provide rides for Mark Schroeder and up to two more people. If interested, let Dave know. Dave also mentioned that he plans on attending Compex '15 in the Chicago area and if anyone would like to ride down and share the gas cost he is more than willing to drive.


This month's program was a show and tell by various members of the club. We had a total of six members that participated in the activity. Here is a summary of the participants and what they brought.

  1. Dave Devroy: A letter home from a WW II soldier stationed in Europe. It was dated 11/11/44. The piece was censored. Dave pointed out that the postmark was not too long before the Battle of the Bulge and had a sobering thought about whether or not the soldier made it home. Dave tried to research the individual, but did not learn anything more.
  2. Ray Perry: Brought 4 different covers acquired at Baypex. The fist was a patriotic cover, the second a postage due post card, the third a cover with no street address and marked by the Postal Service to put number and street on the address for faster delivery, and the fourth was a registered mail piece with stamps of 4 different colorings.
  3. Dave Burrows: Brought a Swiss sheet that commemorated the 100th Anniversary of the "first" Swiss stamps. These really were not the first Swiss stamps, but rather stamps from Zurich.
  4. Randy Younger: Brought an orchid stamp and also talked about what your heirs are to do with your stamp collection when it becomes a closed album.
  5. Arnie Nommensen: Brought a collection of Ghana stamps that he inherited from his aunt.
  6. Darlene Waterstreet: Brought an article about an elderly (87) man in California that purchases post cards with different topics, then sends them to people that are involved in that topic. The Manitowoc School Superintendent received a post card of Manitowoc High School from this gentleman.

Thanks to all of you that participated, some very interesting items. As always we had a silent auction.

May Program: We will have elections and our usual silent auction.

Dave's Deliberations

Nowadays my time in retirement is spent very much on my stamp collection(s). Although my primary interest is Great Britain and related countries, of occasion I delve or fall into other areas. Recently I have developed an assembly, and that means something that is in no way organized, of a topical grouping that I am calling "Bin There". Bin being a colloquialism for been.

Prior to my retirement, and for almost a decade following, I have taken every opportunity to travel to locations not usually on a tourist agenda. It is now my delight to find stamps with images of places I have traveled, and if not traveled, attempted to reach. One such place is Katmandu that is very much in the news today. Katmandu was never reached although I had a valid flight ticket, because the departure point in northern India at Patna suffered heavy Monsoon downpours for the four days of my available time.

Some of the locations were exceedingly pleasant such as Tierra del Fuego or the Lofoten Islands of Norway. Others were to a degree scary such as Beirut during the Yom Kippur war or Buenos Aires immediately following the Argentinian defeat in the Falkland's war. Each, pleasant or scary, in its own way is worth remembering and the stamp images I come across give me great pleasure.

Ray's Ramblings

Last month we finished up the 1970's period on our journey through U.S. stamps. So this month I thought we'd see how far through the 1980's we can get. Lets start with a couple of well known definitive series that pretty much existed throughout the 80's and into the 90's. First is the "Great Americans" series. The first stamp issued in the series was Scott #1859 commemorating Sequoyah. It was issued in December of 1980. The last stamp issued in the series was that of Justin S. Morrill (Scott #2941). As many of you know Sequoyah was a native American in the Cherokee nation. He developed a Cherokee alphabet enabling the Cherokee to write. In addition he was an accomplished silversmith. In his later years he worked to bring splinter groups of Cherokee people back to the Cherokee nation. Justin S. Morrill was a congressman and senator from Vermont. He is best known for the Morrill Land-Grant Colleges Act which helped to establish many of the public colleges and universities in the U.S. These two stamps are pictured below:

Scott #1859
Scott #1859
Scott #2941
Scott #2941

This series is filled with many well known famous Americans, but there are also lesser known famous Americans. One of the beauties of our hobby is that it results in some notoriety for some of these lesser known contributors to our culture. Our natural curiosity causes us to search out and learn something about them. For instance we have all heard of and are familiar with Sinclair Lewis, Rachel Carson, Henry Clay, Margaret Mitchell, or Buffalo Bill Cody; but who has heard of physician, Virginia Apgar. She was an obstetric anesthesiologist that came up with the first test to assess the health of newborn babies. How many lives have been impacted by her work? Another little known name is physicist, Chester Carlson. What did he do you ask. He only came up with the process of electrophotography which allowed copies to be produced through a dry vs. wet process. The process may be more familiar as xerography. Images of these two stamps are shown below:

Scott #2179
Scott #2179
Scott #2180
Scott #2180

Enough on the Great Americans series, but before we go, let me suggest that you look up the series and pick out someone you are not familiar with and research their contributions to our great country.

The second major definitive series that began in the 1980's is the Transportation Coil series. The Transportation Coil series lasted from 1981 to 1995. Like the Great Americans series it features a simple and clean design. Both series also feature engraved artwork. Like its name suggests the Transportation Coil series features different modes of transportation on coil stamps. These were the first coil stamps to feature plate numbers printed at intervals on the bottom of the stamps. Shown below are a couple of examples of Transportation Coils.

Scott #2252
Scott #2252
Scott #2260
Scott #2260

Many of these stamps were issued in decimal values to meet the price for bulk mailers. In addition many of these had the special bulk mailing function printed on the stamp. Here are a couple of examples.

Scott #2256
Scott #2256
Scott #2266
Scott #2266

So, are these beautiful stamps in their simplicity and design? You all know that I'm partial to engraved stamps, so that is a big plus for me. I think collecting these two definitive series of the 80's and 90's would make a handsome collection.

There were many commemorative singles and sets of stamps issued in the 80s. I think probably too many to finish the decade this month, so we will start with some here, but finish up next month. The first set I want to mention is the space achievement set (Scott #1912-19) pictured below.

Scott #1912-19

When you stop and think that at the time this set was issued the U.S. space program was only about 20 years old. The progress in our understanding of space and the many inventions for the space program that had reapplication for the general public are amazing. One of the most noted being Velcro.

Being an outdoor enthusiast, I really liked the next set to be issued – Wildlife Habitats. I thought the stamps were well done. This se-tenant block is pictured below.

Scott #1921-24
Scott #1921-24

Some of you know I enjoy the game of golf. Well, a pair of very accomplished golfers were featured on two separate stamps later that same year. Both Babe Didrikson Zaharias and Bobby Jones contributed greatly to the sport of golf. In addition to golf, Zaharias excelled at basketball and track & field. Bobby Jones helped to design and build the Augusta National Golf Course and co-founded the Masters Golf Tournament.

Scott #1932
Scott #1932
Scott #1933
Scott #1933

I think that we will call that a wrap for this month and resume our time travels through the 80s next month. Anyone wondering why we now need two months to complete a decade should look at the Scott catalogue numbers for the two stamps issued in 1981 indicating that we had 1,933 stamps issued from 1847 to 1981 a period of 134 years. Since that time there have been 2,867 stamps issued over a period of 33 years. Let the presses roll :-).

Stamp Shows

(See Across the Fence Post for more details)

May 16-17: Wiscopex '15
Retlaw Plaza
One North Main St.
Fond du Lac, WI
May 22-24: Compex '15
District 214 Fieldhouse
2121 S. Goebbert Rd.
Arlington Heights, IL

Schedule of Events

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