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Brown County Aging Resources Center, 300 So. Adams St., 3rd Thursday of each month, open 7pm, business meeting 7:30, program 8pm.
Contact: 1002 Amberly Trail, Green Bay, WI 54311

Darryl Ruprecht, President
Dave Burrows, Vice-President
Ray Perry, Secretary
Kirk Becker, Treasurer
Ray Perry, Editor
Darryl Ruprecht, Publisher

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OCTOBER MEETING — Happy Halloween!


WHEN: October 16, 2014 (third Thursday of every month)

TIME: Open 7:00 pm, Business Meeting 7:30

PROGRAM: Way Out Topical and Silent Auction

Reminder: While the Aging Resources Center is being remodeled, our meetings are temporarily being held at Samaritan Outreach in the Chiropractic Building. This is in the St. Agnes Shopping Center 1203 S. Military Ave. (corner of Military and 9th Street).

September Meeting

The meeting was called to order by president, Dave Burrows. Visitors, Caleb Matthys and his chauffeur (mother) Lisa Matthys, were introduced. Caleb and his family have shown a great deal of interest in stamp collecting since getting involved last spring. We are glad that Caleb and his Mom could make it to a meeting and we extend an invitation to them to come back anytime.

Committees: Dave Burrows reviewed the standing committees as defined in our club by-laws, what their responsibilities are, who is currently involved, and how many additional members are needed. Below is a summary of what Dave presented:

Unfinished Business: Randy Younger mentioned that he finally was contacted by someone from the American Topical Association (ATA) in regards to organizing a local chapter of ATA. Randy asked for a show of hands indicating those interested in being a charter member of a local chapter of ATA. Yours truly noted that Clete Delvaux, Ray Perry, John DuPrey, and Randy Younger had hands in the air. In addition it was mentioned that Darlene Waterstreet had indicated an interest in being involved. An organizational meeting was set up for 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 16, 2014 at the same location as our GBPS meeting. Anyone else that is interested should feel free to attend.

New Business: Ray Perry reviewed a flyer from APS that advertises a dozen of so DVDs that APS has developed on different philatelic topics. These are available from APS at a nominal cost. Ray mentioned that Jim Stearns had suggested that maybe several local clubs could get together and purchase 2 or 3 DVDs each and then share them with each other. As we talked we got to thinking that maybe we could do it on a trial basis and, if successful, approach the Federation about taking it on as a Federation Library project.

Audit Report: Tom Johnston completed his audit of our financial books. The period audited was from the opening of our new account with BMO Harris Bank through June 30, 2014. Tom reports that the audit showed no irregularities and everything looked to be in good order. Thanks Tom for your efforts.

October Program: As noted in last month's newsletter our October program will be "Way Out Topical Night". The rules for "Way Out Topical Night" are shown below

  1. Bring a display of no fewer than 6 but no more than 12 different stamps mounted on one album page or stock sheet.
  2. Choose an appropriate title for your topical display. Your stamps should depict a common topic that is consistent with the title.
  3. Place your name or initials on the back of the display.
  4. After the business meeting, all entries will be displayed on a table so that all members can inspect the creativity of their colleagues. After members have inspected the entries, each will vote for his/her favorite. Runoff ballots will decide any ties.

One note here — please note the first rule (no fewer than 6 and no more than 12 stamps) — recently there have been some violations of this rule. I know it is hard to limit any of us to just 12 stamps, but rules are rules and if an entry is not in compliance with the rules it will not be eligible for the prizes.

Prizes: $5 for 1st place, $3 for 2nd, $2 for 3rd.

The idea behind this event is to be creative. Examples of past entries include "On Wisconsin, or is it Wisconsin on Stamps" with stamps related to the Badger state. Another is "Beards on Stamps" showing various bearded wonders. Last year's top three entries were:

You get the idea - just have fun.

Pretty/Ugly Program: Last year we tried a new program in September called Pretty—Ugly night. We repeated that program again this year in the month of September. The consensus a year ago was that it was a fun program worth repeating.

Last year we had five members participate, this year we were down to four participants. The entries showed some interesting contrasts in "pretty" and "ugly". Here is a list of who submitted which "pretty and ugly" stamps:

Club Member Ludwig von Beethoven (Czechoslavakia) Vladimir Lenin (Czechoslavikia)
Dave Burrows Korean War Medal of Honor (U.S.) Janis Joplin (U.S.)
Bob Petersen Western Meadowlark (U.S. 4882) Great Smokey Mountains (U.S. C140)
Clete Delvaux Great Britain Shakespeare issue of 1964 Great Britain Shakespeare issue of 2011

A wide range of topics, and interesting to note other people's conceptions of pretty stamps vs. ugly stamps whether in subject matter, design, or just how the subject is depicted. We went from 5 participants last year to only 4 this year, do we want to continue this program?

Dave's Deliberations

Recall that Dave has requested a space for a short note in each month's newsletter. Here is this month's deliberation:

At every meeting there are the silent auctions. Always there are many more buyers than sellers. This is not because our members do not have material that is surplus to their collections. My own story is that I have collections, and I have accumulations, and these accumulations are both intentional and unintentional. It is only after having fully sorted, reviewed, and removed that needed for one or more of my collections that an intentional accumulation becomes a duplicate accumulation. So now I have three different classifications of accumulations, one I want, and two that I do not. From my accumulations I have assembled lots for the silent auction but I am not successful in finding buyers the majority of the time. My observations are that although there are always more buyers than sellers, the sellers do not always sell. Much of my career was involved with one of the largest clearing house operations in the world. A clearing house can easily be established and it is very effective in increasing the volume of trade among members. I believe this could work even within GBPS for a swapping of material.

Next month I will describe the mechanics of how this can be established.

Ray's Ramblings

Last month I spent a good deal of this column getting you caught up on things that had happened since our last newsletter. Before I get back to our trip through U.S. stamps I want to mention that Cliff Binder and I made a trip down to Milcopex. While the thought of paying a $2.00 entry fee was a bit irritating I found that the show was one of the better Milcopex shows in recent years. The venue was very nice and the show felt like an old time show with lots of friendly conversation on both sides of the tables. In addition I was able to acquire some nice Wisconsin covers. Shown below is an advertising cover from Wm. Zenk's Sons General Hardware in Pulcifer, WI. Pulcifer is a dead post office in Shawano County that was in operation from 1871 until 1973. I don't know anything about the Wm. Zenk's Sons Hardware, but thought the name interesting.

Wm. Zenks Sons Hardware cover

The cover is franked with a pair of 1 ½ cent Harding stamps (Scott #684) and has a nice circular date stamp and 4 bar killer cancel. It was postmarked on February 5, 1938. If anyone knows anything about this business, I would be interested in hearing from you. My contact information is in the letterhead.

Now back to our journey through U. S. stamps. In the June newsletter we had just entered the 1948 issues. A stamp of very important note that was issued in 1948 is Scott #969. While the design is not particularly noteworthy in my opinion, the subject is. This stamp was issued to commemorate "Gold Star Mothers" or mothers that had lost a son or daughter in service to their country. The stamp is pictured below:

Scott #969

Scott #969

A couple other stamps from 1948 worth noting are Scott #975 commemorating one of America's greatest humorists, Will Rogers, and Scott #978 commemorating President Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg address. I love the quotes on both of these stamps. Will Rogers says, "I never met a man I didn't like." How much better off would our world be if we all had that attitude?

Scott #975

Scott #975

Here is President Lincoln's quote, "That government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth."

Scott #978

Scott #978

So appropriate for government officials of all eras. Will Rogers has had several other stamps featuring him as a topic and of course President Lincoln has had many stamps commemorating him and his contributions to our country including several commemorating the Gettysburg Address and an issue commemorating the 150th anniversary of the emancipation proclamation just last year (below).

Scott #4721

Scott #4721

There were a total of 28 face different commemorative stamps issued in 1948 not including any back of the book issues. In 1949 and 1950 another 17 commemorative stamps were issued covering topics from Minnesota Territorial Centennial to Washington and Lee University to American Bankers, Samuel Gompers, and the California Gold Rush. One stamp I wanted to mention is Scott #992 which commemorates the sesquicentennial of our nation's capitol in Washington. I want to mention it because of an article I recently read by Wayne Youngblood. I believe the article was published in American Philatelist and it was related to finding errors, freaks, and oddities through careful observation. Wayne notes that with this particular stamp there was a cracked plate resulting in a broken line through each of the 3 lines of text in the upper left corner of the stamp. Wayne says that not a lot of people are aware of this oddity and while not a highly valuable stamp this issue showing the effects of the cracked plate is worth several times the value of the normal stamp. If you are interested in reading more about this, see American Philatelist magazine from April of 2014. I believe that the Brown County Library downtown would have a copy of the magazine. A picture of the normal stamp is pictured below:

Scott #992

Scott #992

That will do it for this month. Next month we'll explore the decade of the 1950's. Remember the temporary meeting location — 1203 S. Military Ave.

Speaking of north country, why not take a drive up to Escanaba (remember Escanaba is on eastern time) or Woodruff this summer for a stamp show. After the show hang out a while and enjoy the beauty of the northwoods in summertime.

Stamp Shows

(See Across the Fence Post for more details)

Oct. 25-26: Tosapex '14
St. Aloysius Gonzaga Hall, 1435 S. 92nd St.
West Allis, WI
Nov. 15: Oshkosh Stamp Bourse
Elk's Club, 175 Fernau Ave.
Oshkosh, WI

Schedule of Events

Shown below is the program schedule for the current year:

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