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February  issue

Member: Lloyd Rectenwald

By Robert Mather

WFSC Regional Vice President recently presented Lloyd Rectenwald with the Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs (WFSC) District Representative Award for his dedicated service to this hobby and especially for his efforts for the Waukesha County Philatelic Society (WCPS). Lloyd has been a member of the WCPS for eight years and has served as the club Treasurer for a good part of that time. He does the record keeping for the many auctions that the dub holds, and is an active participant in the dub activities.

Lloyd lives in the city of Waukesha with his wife Sherry, and they are the parents of a son, Brent. He has four brothers and one sister. His grandparents emigrated from Germany. Lloyd has been a dedicated employee of WE Energies for thirty-four years. This dedication was evident at the WCPS Holiday Party last year, which Lloyd had planned on attending. At the last minute on the evening of the party he was called out to help with an emergency that developed and had to miss the party. His wife is currently not working. Lloyd became a stamp collector as a youth about 50 years ago when he was given his father's old stamp album. He has collected worldwide since that time and continues that to this day. He continually finds stamps at the club auctions, etc. that he does not have, and it seems that he is always acquiring more stamps for his collection. He also looks for stamps with ladybugs on them for a collection that his wife has. Does this make him a topical collector? Lloyd has not exhibited his stamps to this point.

Lloyd is interested in Dirt Stock Car Racing as a hobby and also likes bowling. He retired as Chief Petty Officer (CPO) from the Naval Reserves in 1992. He is a Vietnam Veteran. He is a member of The American Philatelic Society (APS). He is a Life Member of the Veteran of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post #9537 located in Pewaukee, Wisconsin and is a Past Post Commander and Treasurer. Additionally he is a Past County VFW Commander. He has served as Secretary -Treasurer of several Bowling Leagues as well.

Lloyd believes that it is very important to get youth interested in the hobby to ensure it's future. He feels that stamp collectors should collect only what they like and not be bound by the dictates of others in the hobby. Completeness should not be a consideration just because someone else says so. Lloyd can say from first hand experience that collecting worldwide is very difficult, but that has not deterred him to this point. We send our best wishes to Lloyd for the future and also our congratulations for having received the WFSC District Representative Award. It was a well-deserved recognition.

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May/June  issue

Member: Mary Yahr

By Robert Mather

The West Bend Stamp Club is indeed blessed to count Mary Yahr as a member of their club. Mary joined the club about 15 years ago and almost immediately became the newsletter editor. She soon became the Secretary, and she found herself as the leader of the youth group of collectors as well.

She must be pretty good as the youth leader, because the West Bend Ben Franklin Stamp Club has 22 to 25 kids attending the meetings. She makes sure that the kids take something free home from each meeting. Her volunteer work also extends to the West Bend Art Museum and the City of West Bend has presented her an award for her volunteer work as an "Art Mom" at the museum. She recently retired as Executive Director of the West Bend Builders Association and now works in the West Bend School District as a substitute aide. It is apparent that she loves working with the kids and that bodes well for the future of the hobby in the West Bend area.

Mary has been married to Ronald for 23 years and they have three children, Tessa (17), Becca, (11), and Sara (7). All three of them are stamp collectors and they have won numerous awards for their exhibits. Hobbies include traveling, giving art talks to kids in grades K through 3 and to seniors in retirement homes, and hunting. She hunts deer, pheasant, ducks and geese, and turkeys. She was successful on her very first turkey hunt.

Mary and her family love to travel and in 2000 they attended the World Stamp Expo in California. Each day the entire family would attend the first day ceremonies and then she would work the PNC3 booth for the rest of the day while the rest of the family went off to Disneyland. This proved to be a great arrangement for the entire family. Mary has developed a stamp exchange pen pal relationship with a fellow in Ireland, and this has led to her and her family traveling to Ireland and staying at the pen pals house. In turn her pen pal came to this country and stayed at her house as well.

Mary's mother has been a stamp collector for many many years. She collected full sheets of U.S. stamps thinking that this would be a good investment. Since Mary joined the West Bend club she has found out that it "just isnít so" and has changed her mother's collecting habits. Some years ago a priest from India visited Mary's church and she struck up a conversation with him. Eventually a friendship evolved that resulted in the priest sending many stamps to her. He had a lot of foreign correspondents and thus obtained a lot of nice stamps, which he sent on to Mary.

She is a general collector and calls herself an "accumulator". She did exhibit one time and received a vermeil award for her one page exhibit "Time Out For Games". It is as the title suggests an exhibit about games. She encourages her daughters as well as the kids in her stamp club to exhibit.

One time while traveling in the car she was reading an article by Wayne Youngblood about a PNC3 stamp of which plate #6 was quite rare. She commented to Ron that she might have that stamp, so when she got home she immediately looked and sure enough she did have it.

Mary's advice to collectors is to learn as much as you can about the hobby. Then share that information with others. It is from the sharing that you get the real joy of the hobby. We send our best wishes to Mary and feel good about the future of the hobby, at least in the West Bend area. Thanks Mary.

July/August  issue

Member: Tim Wait

By Robert Mather

Tim Wait is the president of the Rockford Stamp Club, but it sounds as if he is more than just the president as he is key in so many of the clubs activities. Tim first joined the club back in 1965 but due to moving away he left the club for a while. He moved back to the Rockford area and rejoined the club about 10 years ago, however. He is the Exhibits Chairman for the annual Rockford show and is very involved in the planning for this show. That show is facing the same challenges that many shows are facing and he is one of a group that is working hard to revitalize the show.

Tim has been very active in promoting exhibiting and sets a good example by exhibiting his stamps often. He recently displayed his one frame exhibit on the Postal History of Boone County, Illinois at DANEPEX, and received the Champion of Champions award. It is a work in progress and he intends to exhibit it again. He exhibited Internationally as a youth and his exhibits have included U.S. Revenues and also Belgium Air Mails. Over the years he has gotten more specialized in his collecting interests. At one time Tim was the Vice President of the Junior Philatelic Society.

His father was a stamp collector and got him into the hobby about 38 years ago. At one time he and his father owned a stamp dealer business known as "Wait & Wait". He did not continue this business after the death of his father, however. He has two sons, Jason 19, and Adam 13, and Adam is a stamp collector. Tim lives in Loves Park, Illinois, just outside Rockford, Illinois, and his occupation is as the Controller for UDL Laboratories.

Other hobbies that Tim enjoys are studying about the American Revolutionary War, bicycling, and NBA Basketball. He is a member of the American Philatelic Society (APS), the American Revenue Association (ARA), the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors (AAPE), the Illinois Postal History Society, and the Blackhawk Bicycle Club,

Tim is continually promoting the hobby and encouraging others with their collections. He works especially hard at encouraging others to exhibit. He believes that you should pass on to others any wisdom that you acquire in the hobby and that once you get started in this endeavor it becomes easier and easier to do.

The Rockford Stamp Club is fortunate to have an individual like Tim as a member of their club and especially as their president. His contributions to the hobby help to make it better for all of us, and we thank him for those efforts. We send our very best wishes to Tim and hope that he enjoys many more years in the hobby.

September  issue

Member: Hank Schmidt

By Robert Mather

Hank Schmidt has been a member of the Oshkosh Philatelic Society (OPS) for 36 years and has been one of those people who are so key to the success of an organization. He has served that club in a variety of positions, including as President for four years, Vice President for five years, and OPS Newsletter Editor for 7 years. Additionally Hank served as Vice President of the Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Club (WFSC) for three years. He has been a member of the Oshkosh Citizens' Advisory Committee for over six years. He has written a number of articles on First Day Covers for the WFSC, which were featured in Across The Fence Post. He is a member of the Outagamie Philatelic Society, the Wisconsin Postal History Society, the American Philatelic Society, and the American First Day Cover Society.

Hank was born and raised in Green Bay, but has been living in Oshkosh since 1965. He has been married to his wife, Sandra for over 41 years and does not have any children. Hank served in the U.S. Coast Guard from 1951 to 1954 aboard the U.S. Coast Guard Cutters McCulloch and Casco. These were weather patrol ships as well as search and rescue units and his homeport was Boston, Massachusetts. He attained the rank of Hospital Corpsman 2įd Class. Later Hank served in the Civil Air Patrol for about six years as a Land Rescue Team Commander and here he reached the officer rank of Captain. He worked at the Winnebago Mental Health Institute for 29 years before retiring in 1994. His wife too is retired. Other hobbies that Hank enjoys include collecting Green Bay Packer football cards, genealogy, and photography; both film and digital.

When he was nine years old he contracted mumps and while sick in bed he began his stamp collecting. Today he collects mainly U.S. mint singles, plate blocks, coil pairs, and booklet panes. He also collects mint Vatican City singles, U.S. issued Christmas seals, mints Federal Duck Stamps, and Wisconsin hunting and fishing stamps. He collects first day covers, and first ceremonial programs for all stamps that have had a first day of issue in Wisconsin. He also collects FDC's for the Coast Guard Stamp #936, and postal cards #UXS2 and #UX76. Hank enjoys designing his own first day covers, and has provided hundreds of covers as give-aways for recent OPS banquets. Hank was inducted into the WFSC Hall of Fame in 2003.

Hank advises collectors (and dealers) not to be too critical of what the other person collects, Take the time to listen to and enjoy the stories that others tell about their collectibles. Additionally he advises not to give up your hobbies so long as you are alive. Hobbies will help you keep your life interesting, and will help fight the depression that can occur with aging or family losses.

The Oshkosh Philatelic Society, and indeed the stamp collecting hobby in general, is fortunate to count Hank as one of their own. We send our best wishes and hope that he will enjoy the hobby for many years to come.

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