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Be more Wisconscious!

By MaryAnn Bowman Waukesha County Philatelic Society

The Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs continues the ambitious project of reworking and updating tile popular Wisconsin on Stamps book last published in 1986. Don't expect this latest edition to look anything like the first. Laid out in an album-like format, the text accompanying the stamp illustrations is informative and concise. The book/album is expected to be completed and available for sale within a year. (The price and ordering details are yet to be announced. Keep watching and reading Across the Fence Post for further information.)

In the past 12 years, many additional United States postage stamps have been issued that can be used to help tell the story of our state. In fact, finding a cut-off date may be difficult as the U.S. Postal Service continues to issue stamps at an increasing rate. (How about the recently balloted '60s stamps that will feature the Green Bay Packers and the first Super Bowl!) Depending upon how far you want to "stretch" the connection, there are many stamps that could conceivably be used to tell the story of Wisconsin.

For those collectors among us who remember TOPEX '68, there was an exhibit by the now renowned collector Mary Ann Owens titled "On Wisconsin!" It was this exhibit that inspired me to actively pursue the stamp-collecting hobby. Although 1 didn't know it at the time, our paths were to cross many times over. Her exhibit was one I could relate to and it had an interesting story to tell about the state I lived in and loved. I still feel that way today and have taken an interest in the many and varied aspects that make our state unique.

Putting together a topical /thematic collection related to our state would not only be challenging but also fun. The WFSC-sponsored book/album project could be used as a stepping off point By incorporating other (foreign) stamps, stationery, and postal history items, you will have the basis for forming your own unique recollection of our wonderful state, and in the process you will become more Wisconscious!


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