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When Porky Pig, the Warner Brothers cartoon character, said, "That's 's's all folks," back in 2001 the love affair between WB and the USPS was over. Now it looks as though the Walt Disney Company and our LISPS have more than friendship going for them. Disney released photos of the first of their joint offerings, which are to be released this summer, featuring blocs of four of their famous cartoon character friendships - Mickey, Donald & Goofy - I wonder if Minnie is pleased with that? - Bambi & Thumper, Mufasha & son, Simba and Jimmy Cricket & his wooden Pinocchio as the others. These are to be a beginning of several stamp blocs of Disney characters each with a theme. Could wedding stamps be far behind?

Not that these cartoon character stamps are a bad thing for our hobby as they should see a lot of usage and youngsters should love collecting them.

Trouble is they look more like labels than postage stamps.

On the other hand the Lewis and Clark issues look like postage stamps, sort of. The frames are vintage 1930's, however double digit face values are oddly out of place. Let's retrofit the same old face values, I say.

The neatly designed Wilma Rudolph stamp won't see much usage because of its face value (23c) which is unfortunate as this series looks to rank as one of the better definitive series.

Stamp designer Clarence Lee must be a very proud man having the USPS bring back ALL 12 of his "Happy New Lunar Year" designs and having them issued in mini/souvenir sheet form in 2005. Each stamp was originally cut paper artwork, and will be combined with grass style Chinese calligraphy by artist Lan Bun. Thus satisfying collectors being hungry shortly after licking the first stamps in the series.

We could easily have "Last Day of Issue" services at the Ferncliff Cemetery, Hartsdale, NY where Paul Robeson and Moss Hart lie in rest. Both will be honored this year with USPS issues. Judy Garland, Jerome Kern, Malcolm X are among those philatelicly honored who are also buried there. A new topic?

Since it is rumored that a Legends of Hollywood issue may not be issued in 2004 I hope I'm around in the decade when the USPS honors Cap't Kangaroo, Jack Paar and Bob Hope in their "TV Titians" series.

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