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            This page includes President's Message columns from the 2001 issues of Across the Fence Post.

January issue

Hail to our Volunteers

By WFSC Pres. Paul T Schroeder


A year ago at this time many of us were happy to welcome the new century. It doesn't look like the welcome for 2001 will duplicate last year, but for those of you who waited, let me say happy new year and happy new century.

Please start marking your calendar with the various show dates, especially for WISCOPEX in May and the APS STAMPSHOW in August at Rosemont/Chicago.

For the last two years, this organization has reminded our members of giving opportunities, talking about them in legal terms, of IRS regulations, wills and accountants. Enough of that type of talk. This year, let's address the giving done by the living. The idea of doing volunteer work is something I learned from the example of my parents. My father coached youth basketball and my mother worked making Braille material for the blind. My first efforts were at college raising scholarship money for international students.

Looking across the hobby world in Wisconsin, you don't have to look far to see that none of our local clubs would last long without all

February issue

Call for Nominations

By WFSC Pres. Paul T Schroeder

Normally you would be reading the call for nominations in the March issue. The subject, however, was moved to February to provide space in next month's ATFP for publishing two pro-posed amendments to our bylaws as required to meet the legal notice time frame.

2001 elections are for the offices of president, vice president, VP Youth Division, and regional vice presidents. As the bylaws now stand, those who are elected at this year's Annual Business Meeting (May 5 at WISCOPEX) would begin their terms on January 1, 2002. If the proposed elections-related amendment is accepted, terms for those elected in 2001 will begin on July 1, 2001, and terms for those currently holding those positions will be reduced by six months. The bylaw change, in effect, shortens the time between the election and when new individuals take office.

The timing of this notice is good in that it allows me to inform the membership that I will not run for another term as your president. It's my hope that this early announcement of my plans will inspire individuals interested in service to contact the WFSC Nominating Committee.

Here's a review of job descriptions for all officers to be elected on May 5, 2001:

President (two-year term) -

Preside at all WFSC and Executive Board meetings, when present

Sign all acts or orders necessary to carry out the will of the WFSC and Executive Board

Act as the representative of the WFSC at all functions outside the WFSC

Appoint various committees spelled out in the WFSC bylaws and annually appoint an auditor to examine the WFSC financial records

Announce the names of new Wisconsin Philatelic Hall of Fame inductees and present the annual WFSC Dealer Recognition Award at the WISCOPEX awards banquet

Vice President (two-year term) -

Assume the duties of the WFSC president in the event that he or she is absent, incapacitated, suspended or removed from office

Perform duties delegated by the president

VP Youth Division (one-year term)

Oversee all WFSC matters pertaining to youth activities, including assisting member clubs with youth programs, ideas and advice

Act as the WFSC representative for youth activities at functions outside the WFSC

Regional VP (one-year term) -

Contact member clubs within the VP's respective region; visit each club at least once a year, if feasible (clubs in each region are listed in each issue of ATFP)

Act as a liaison between member clubs and the Executive Board

Solicit nonmember clubs for membership in the WFSC.

If you or someone you know might be interested in helping your federation by serving in one of these offices, please contact members of the WFSC Nominating Committee: Vern Witt, 2422 No. 9th St., Sheboygan, WI 53083 (920) 458-3767; Greg Schmidt, 1978 Fox Burrow Ct., Neenah, WI 54956, (920) 722-1449, gschmidt@vbe.com.

March issue

Welcome ATA Chapter, Bylaw Amendments

By WFSC Pres. Paul T Schroeder

For the second year in a row the WFSC is pleased to welcome a new member club. This past January the ATA Chapter No. 5 in Milwaukee voted to rejoin us. The official welcome will take place at our Annual Business Meeting to be held on May 5 in conjunction with WISCOPEX 'O1. Even with some expected dual club memberships, we are always happy and pleased to welcome a group like this.

To date, no changes have been made to our current set of WFSC bylaws adopted in 1987. Necessary steps, however, were taken at the fall 2000 Executive Board meeting to propose two amendments for consideration at the 2001 Annual Business Meeting.

I ask each club to review these proposals and instruct your delegates how to vote. As a federation officer, I feel both should be approved.

The first change will allow us to have two regional vice presidents for our Southeast district. The Milwaukee, Kenosha, and Racine area includes the largest concentration of clubs.

As our bylaws now stand, officer terms begin on January 1 of the year following the elections. Depending on the WISCOPEX date, this means our federation can have a president and a president-elect for over six months. I, for one, felt this was an unnecessarily long period of time and the Executive Board agreed. The proposed "Amendment 2" allows the president-elect to take over on July 1 of the current year of the election.

Please have your delegates ready to vote on these changes and feel free to contact your regional VP or me if you have any questions. 

April issue

70th WFSC Convention

By WFSC Pres. Paul T. Schroeder

I've made attending WISCOPEX an annual event, and this will be my 11th show since -moving to Wisconsin. The first one I attended was in Sheboygan in 1991, and now we find ourselves back in Sheboygan for the 2001 event.

Official business has to be done at these shows, too, so I need to call the delegates to attend the 70th WFSC convention. Our hosts for all this activity are the Sheboygan Stamp Club and the Manitowoc Philatelic Society. This year's general chairman is Robert Matzek, assisted by Vern Witt and Perry Harris.


Every WFSC club is reminded to send a delegate and/or alternate to the Annual Business Meeting, which is scheduled for Saturday, May 5, at 1 p.m. Delegate check-in should be completed before the meeting is called to order, and preregistration details are described elsewhere on this page. All club members and members-at-large are encouraged to attend, understanding that only official delegates have voting privileges.

Annual Business Meeting

Our Annual Business Meeting can run up to 90 minutes, but we get a lot of work done in a short time. In addition to elections, the meeting includes officer, committee, and special project reports. As noted in the February ATFP, elections this year are for the offices of president, vice president, VP Youth Division and seven regional VPs. The number "seven," of course is contingent on approval of one of the proposed bylaws amendments published in the March ATFP. Delegates are additionally asked to be pre-pared to vote on another amendment also published in that issue.

A tradition at the close of the meeting is to recognize our deceased members with a moment of silence. Delegates, please be prepared with a WRITTEN list of your club members who have passed away within the last year. Present the list to our WFSC Secretary so those names can be accurately recorded in the minutes.

Awards banquet

Banquet details and a reservation form appear on p. 7. This year, we'll honor two outstanding philatelists as the newest members of the Wisconsin Philatelic Hall of Fame. The 2001 WFSC Dealer Recognition Award and special exhibit awards will be presented. And, for the third year, the winner of the WISCOPEX Club Award will be announced.

Bourse and Exhibits

In addition to the listing of early dealer confirmations shown on p. 7, the show will include a U.S. Postal Service booth and special cancel. A Bill Robinson auction is scheduled for Sunday afternoon.

WISCOPEX includes an array of exhibits in various classes, and Best of Show exhibits from WFSC local-level shows will compete for the Champion of Champions title. Judges are Jack Green, Claude Giralte and Frank Moertl.


Youth can expect special activities, gifts, and prizes throughout the duration of the show.

Society meetings

The American Topical Association Chapter No. 5 will meet at 11 a.m. on Saturday to feature a special speaker program. All show attendees are urged to sit in on the meeting and enjoy the program.

The Wisconsin Postal History Society meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Sunday. This annual meeting is open to the public and will include a viewing of Ray Van Handel's Sheboygan County postal history collection.

Come and help me enjoy my 11th WISCOPEX ... How many have you attended? Stop at the WFSC table and tell me.

May/June No column this issue

July/August issue

Farewell and Convention Wrap-up

By WFSC Immediate past-Pres. Paul T. Schroeder

Although I'm past-president by the time you read this, I'm legally still in office as I write, and in true lame-duck fashion - crutches and all. Emergency surgery was required after experiencing a fall while rock climbing at Nicolet National Forest on May 27. Consequently, there's a cast on my foot and I'll be following doctor's orders for the next few months.

Because of the WFSC bylaws amendment approved at the 2001 Annual Business Meeting, my original presidential term was shortened and ends as of July 1. I'm, therefore, in the process of turning over duties to our long-serving Vice President Allan Marcus, who was elected to take over my position. It's my pleasure at this time to also thank all my fellow officers and the host of appointed volunteers who make our organization so special. It's been a good 18 months with two conventions and the many first-day events for stamps issued in Wisconsin.

As for the latter convention, while most of us noted the cool Sheboygan weather, there was a warm welcome in the auditorium for dealers, exhibitors, and WFSC members. For those who wore our WFSC logo button, the gift of a Lombardi first-day ceremony program was well received. If you didn't get a program, we have a few left for distribution at WISCOPEX '02, but you must acquire a logo button in advance of the show and then bring it along with you. (Free buttons will be available at the WFSC table at MILCOPEX.)

At the Annual Business Meeting, we formally welcomed the American Topical Association Chapter No. 5 into membership. Unfortunately, we also announced that the Walworth County Stamp Club disbanded as of December 31, 2000.

Delegates of the Badger Stamp Club and the Kettle Moraine Coin and Stamp Club received WISCOPEX Club Awards going back to 1999 and 2000, respectively.

More of the business conducted at the meeting appears in the minutes published on pp. 5-8.

At the WISCOPEX banquet, we welcomed two new members to the Wisconsin Philatelic Hall of Fame: Bill Otto and Tom Sanford. Jim Lukes, of Manitowoc, was presented with the 2001 WFSC Dealer Recognition Award.

Many thanks to the Sheboygan Stamp Club and the Manitowoc Philatelic Society for hosting this year's event and to all who helped to make it a success. This includes those who took the time and effort to enter all the very fine exhibits.

Mark your calendar now for WISCOPEX '02, which will be held March 9-10, in Rockford, IL.

It was my honor to serve as your president, but it is time for me to say good-bye and welcome AI Marcus to this position. You'll hear from A1 in the September ATFP. 

September issue

Introductory Comments, New Appointments

By WFSC Pres. Allan C. Marcus

Back in 1995,then-WFSC President Greg Schmidt asked if I'd accept an appointment to fill a vacancy in the vice presidential position. Since we both live in Neenah, Greg would have a traveling buddy to Executive Board meetings. I consented and have been involved ever since, now as president for the next two years.

I'm a member of the Outagamie Philatelic Society and have served as OUTAPEX chairman since 1993. I was general chairman of WISCOPEX '98, when it came to Appleton. Other memberships include the Oshkosh Philatelic Society, Green Bay Philatelic Society, and the American Philatelic Society.

I began collecting worldwide stamps when I was 14 years old and this collecting interest hasn't changed.

As for my occupation, I'm semi retired and currently work for a courier service. My former 24-year job was with Wisconsin Tissue, of Menasha, as a place mat and table napkin designer. My background in art has been helpful for creating cachets for various WFSC first-day covers.

My wife, Mary, works as a teacher's aide for the Menasha School District. We have two grown children. One lives in Madison; the other lives in Milwaukee.

Our WFSC bylaws state that presidential appointments must be made within 60 days of taking office. Accordingly, with one exception, I have reinstated all existing appointments. The exception is that Charles Shoemaker was appointed to take over as ATFP distributor. Art Schmitz had handled this job since February 2000, a month after he assumed the position of southeast region VP.

I wish to thank Art for all his time and effort in getting ATFP disseminated to our clubs. At the same time, I welcome Charles as a newcomer to more active participation in the WFSC.

Another newcomer to the appointment list is Brian J. Liedtke, who will serve on the WFSC Bylaws Committee and the Newsletter Commit-tee. Brian was elected south central region VP at our 2001 Annual Business Meeting and we're delighted to have him aboard.

A detailed listing of all committees and appointments will appear in the October issue.

October issue

2001-03 Presidential Appointments

By WFSC Pres. Allan C. Marcus,

As mentioned last month, here's the listing of those who keep our federation moving forward:

American Philatelic Society Rep: Karen Weigt - Handle WFSC chapter member-ship matters.

Corporate Registered Agent: Karen Weigt - Ensure that annual WFSC incorporation reports are filed.

Finance Committee: Chrmn. Deanna Juhnke, Jim Maher, Fred Ziemann - Maintain inventory control, prepare annual budgets, review project and newsletter budgets, and make financial recommendations to the WFSC Executive Board.

Publicity and Public Relations Commit-tee: co-Chrmn. MaryAnn Bowman and Karen Weigt - Promote a positive and up-front image of the WFSC through a variety of means.

Judging Committee: Chrmn. Frank Moertl, Jim Maher, Vern Witt - Maintain a listing of WFSC judges and apprentices, provide judges and judging guidelines for local WFSC member club shows, recruit and train new judges, and provide awards criteria and current judging sheets.

Wisconsin Stamp Suggestion Commit-tee: (vacant) - When deemed necessary, prepare letters of opinion to the U.S. Postal Service, research potential Wisconsin-related stamp subjects, submit correspondence to various officials (including the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee) to promote Wisconsin-related U.S. Postal Service issues.

Bylaws Committee: Chrmn. Karen Weigt, Brian J. Liedtke - Periodically review existing bylaws and standing rules, recommend amendments to reflect changing times and functions of the WFSC, and consider suggested amendments made by others.

Awards Chairman: John Fagan - Maintain awards inventory, prepare awards and ensure that they are properly distributed.

Committee on Exhibitions: Chrmn. Claude Giralte, Charles Shoemaker, Robert Matzek - Serve as counsel to WISCOPEX host clubs and periodically review and update the Rules for Annual Exhibitions (BLUE BOOK).

Nominating Committee: Chrmn. Vern Witt, Greg Schmidt, and Paul T. Schroeder - Canvass WFSC clubs for qualified candidates for the offices of president, VP, secretary, and treasurer.

Hall of Fame - Committee: Chrmn. Frank Moertl, Greg Schmidt, Jim Maher - Publicize the WFSC Wisconsin Philatelic Hall of Fame, seek and screen nominations, and ensure that Hall of Fame functions and formal inductions are handled in an orderly and respectable fashion. Permanent Record Book: Frank Moertl - House and keep the book up to date.

Historian: Verna Shackleton - Gather and maintain the historical files and WFSC memorabilia.

Newsletter - Editor: Karen Weigt - Produce Across the Fence Post and maintain the WFSC Show Calendar and Registry.

Ad Managers: Jim and Renee Seiler - Solicit ads and handle associated monetary matters.

Distributor: Charles Shoemaker - Perform all tasks involved with mailing each issue of ATFP to the WFSC membership.

Committee: Chrmn. Karen Weigt, MaryAnn Bowman, Brian J. Liedtke - Set guidelines for the editor, both present and future, and serve as counsel to the editor.

BLUE BOOK: Greg Schmidt - Prepare and disseminate updated WFSC BLUE BOOK pages as needed.

Wisconsin on Stamps, 2nd Edition - Editor: Karen Weigt - Produce the publication.

Publications Committee: Chrmn. Deanna Juhnke, MaryAnn Bowman, Jim Maher, Greg Schmidt - Serve as counsel to the editor.

Cover Exchange Program: MaryAnn Bowman - Publicize the annual program and handle exchanges.

Club Trivia Contest: MaryAnn Bowman - Compose questions and review entries to determine the winner.

Show/Bourse/Meeting Info Flier: Karen Weigt - Gather information and produce the annual flier.

Club Exhibit Pages Promotional Pro-gram: MaryAnn Bowman - Prepare the annual set of pages for club use.

November issue

Presidential Goal, Board Meeting Highlights

by WFSC Pres. Allan C. Marcus

          Like most presidents, I have a goal to advance during my term of office. In short, it is to increase our numbers by motivating individual WFSC members to bring new collectors into the hobby. We need new people getting interested in philately. We need young people. We need retirees who might now have time to devote to a hobby. We need people with a variety of philatelic specialty interests.
          I believe that a one-on-one campaign is the most effective means of accomplishing this goal. Begin by defining the pleasures you've derived from stamp collecting, then go out and tell someone about the source of your enjoyment. Do it perhaps by showing your collection to a friend or neighbor. Philately just might be something they've been looking for.
          Keep in mind that philately offers more than just your particular collecting specialty. Be prepared to describe the myriad of facets of the hobby: stamps, covers, postmarks, etc.; there's something for everyone. I simply enjoy looking at the beauty and uniqueness of stamps.
          Another means of promoting the hobby is by preparing a simple exhibit of your collection and displaying it at a local stamp show or public facility such as a library or school.
          Once you've cultivated an interest, the next step is to support that new collector by sharing your knowledge. Bring that new collector to a stamp club meeting, too, so other philatelists can help in the nurturing process.

          Fifteen WFSC officers and appointees attended a four-hour Executive Board meeting held on Saturday, October 13 at Sun Prairie, WI.
          We heard a report of plans for WISCOPEX '02 and learned that the Rockford Stamp Club has been putting a lot of time and effort into hosting the event. Mark your calendars now for March 9-10 and a trip to Rockford, IL.
          We accepted the Waukesha County Philatelic Society's gracious offer to support ATFP by funding a page of production costs. The sponsorship will be visible as of the January 2002 issue.
          Another major ATFP matter is the initiation of our quest for a new editor. This summer, Karen Weigt informed us that she will retire from her position as editor upon completion of the December 2002 issue. She has served as editor since January 1994 and needs not only a break from this responsibility, but also time to pursue other projects. Please let me, Karen, or any other WFSC officer know if you might be interested in taking over the editorship. We'd like to begin the transition process well before Karen's retirement date. If desired, this would include activating an Editorial Advisory Council to provide assistance to the editor through a variety of means.
          We discussed opportunities for a Wisconsin Philatelic Hall of Fame reunion, which is scheduled every five years and is coming up in 2002. We decided to sponsor the event in conjunction with the U.S. Postal Service's release of a Houdini stamp on July 3. No, we won't be traveling to New York City, which has been designated as the first-day site. Instead, we Wisconsinites will do our own thing in Appleton, the place Houdini claimed as his hometown.
          We also discussed participation in first-day festivities that will be held for the Wisconsin stamp that is part of the upcoming Greetings From America issue. It is scheduled for nationwide release on April 4, 2002, and a ceremony will be held in Madison on that day.
          We're delighted to have Jay Bigalke, a University of Wisconsin-Madison student, on board to lead our efforts in organizing both stamp events. Watch for details that will appear in ATFP.

December issue

Start a Christmas Stamp Collection

By WFSC Pres. Allan C. Marcus

Greetings! I hope this December finds you in good holiday season spirits.

If you are like me and have been collecting for a while, it could be that your specialty area is getting a little stale. Maybe you'd like to try something different.

Did you ever think of collecting Christmas stamps? Besides the United States, many countries have issued beautiful stamps that depict the holiday theme.

Collecting Christmas stamps would be a great way to get others involved in stamp collecting. Perhaps your spouse, the kids, or maybe even the neighbor kids would help find all the Christmas stamps listed in the Scott catalogs.

Do you have an old shoebox or envelopes of Christmas stamps that you never quite got around to sorting? Let the kids help. They also could design their own Christmas stamp album pages. They might be interested in designing such pages on the computer.

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. What a great time to get started on something that would be a beautiful and rewarding collection.

Happy stamping, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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