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1998 President's Message columns

          This page includes President's Message columns from the 1998 issues of Across the Fence Post.

January issue

Back for Another Term

By WFSC Pres. Greg Schmidt

This issue of Across the Fence Postmarks my return as WFSC President. I served in this capacity from 1993-96. Throughout the past I 1 years, I have also held the positions of WFSC VP, Regional VP, Judging Committee chairman, BLUE BOOK coordinator, and member of the Finance Committee. During the past two years I have been busy serving as president of the American Air Mail Society.

I've been in the plumbing trade for 22 years and have been self-employed for the last seven years. My wife, Diane, and I have been married for 15 years and we have a daughter, Lesley, who is 11. I collect Winnebago County postal history, Pan American Airways Pacific development from 1935-41, and plumbing advertising covers.

This year promises to be quite exciting with Wisconsin's sesquicentennial, WISCOPEX '98 (our state show), the hopeful release of the 2nd edition of Wisconsin on Stamps, as well as all our local stamp shows, for which I encourage you to try to attend as many as possible.

Some goals for the next two years include finding a club(s) to host WISCOPEX '99; involving more people as officers, program presenters and show committee members at the local and state levels; continuing to promote youth philately and exhibiting; and encouraging more adult exhibitors, judging apprentices, and articles for ATFP.

Finally, I wish to thank Jerry D. Weasner, who served you as president for the past two years. The WFSC is blessed with many individuals who devote countless volunteer hours to help keep the WFSC at the forefront of organized philately. I look forward to serving you again as president. •


February issue

1998-99 Presidential Appointments

By WFSC Pres. Greg Schmidt

In accordance with WFSC bylaws, the president is required to either reinstate or change existing presidential appointments within 60 days of taking office. Since my current presidential term began January 1, 1998, I'm now announcing that I have officially reinstated all existing appointments, with the following two exceptions: Frank Moertl will take over as chairman of the Judging Committee, and Fred Ziemann will serve as my replacement on the Finance Committee.

With reinstatements and changes now official, I hereby reintroduce you to the various WFSC committees, special projects coordinators, and position appointees. They all deserve our thanks and support for the jobs they do.

American Philatelic Society Rep: Karen Weigt

Corporate Registered Agent: Karen Weigt

Finance Committee: Chrmn. Deanna Juhnke, Jim Maher, and Fred Ziemann

Publicity and Public Relations Committee: co-Chrmn. Karen Weigt and MaryAnn Bowman, Bob Lieb

Judging Committee: Chrmn. Frank Mcertl, Jim Maher, and Vern Witt

Wisconsin Stamp Suggestion Committee: Darren Mueller

Bylaws Committee: Chrmn. Karen Weigt, Raymond J. Wood

Committee on Exhibitions: Chrmn. Dan Under-sander. Robert J. Mather, Claude Giralte

Hall of Fame Committee: Chrmn. Robert J. Mather, Frank Moertl, and Bob Lieb;

Permanent Record Book: Frank Moertl

Nominating Committee: Chrmn. Roy Northwood, William Grosnick Sr., Jerry D. Wcasner, Vern 1Vitt (appointed)

Newsletter Editor: Karen Weigt;

Ad Managers: Jim and Renee Seiler;

Distributor: John Fagan;

Committee: Chrmn. Karen Weigt, MaryAnn Bowman, AI Marcus, Ron Hayes (special consultant)

Historian: Verna Shackleton

Blue Book: Greg Schmidt

Wisconsin on Stamps. 2nd Edition - Author/Editor: Dreux Watermolen;

Publication Committee: Chrmn. Deanna Juhnke, MaryAnn Bowman, Jim Maher, Bob Lieb Cover Exchange Program: MaryAnn Bowman

Show Bourse/Meeting Info Flier; Karen Weigt

Madison Area Sesquicentennial Activities: Karen Weigt, Bob l.ieb

WISCOPEX '98: co-Chrmn. Al Marcus and Darwin Hintz •

March issue No column this issue

April issue

Call for Convention '98

By WFSC Pres. Greg Schmidt

The 1998 Convention and Exhibition of the Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs, WISCOPEX will be held on April 25-26 at Fox Valley Lutheran High School, Appleton, WI. This year's show is hosted by the Outagamie Philatelic Society and is co-chaired by AI Marcus and Darwin Hintz.


All WFSC member clubs are reminded to send a delegate and/or an alternate to the Annual Business Meeting, which will be held at 1 p.m. on Saturday. April 25. Delegates should be prepared to check in at 12:45 p.m. or preregister at the WFSC society table with written credentials (a simple statement signed by your club president designating you as the official representative of your home club). Members-at-large are also encouraged to attend, but have no voting privileges.

Annual Business Meeting

The meeting will include officer, committee, and special project reports. This is the time for comments and suggestions that you or your club might have concerning the WFSC and its operations. The delegates will vote upon elections of officers. Several appointments will also be made.

WFSC society table activities

All are encouraged to check in at the WFSC society table upon arriving at the show. Light up your home club on the display map and register for door prizes. Show your WFSC logo button and receive a free gift. While at the society table, offer to relieve the staff now and then or to help out in some other manner.

Awards banquet

The WISCOPEX '98 banquet is scheduled for Saturday evening, April 25, at the Midway Motor Lodge's Green Mill Restaurant. The 1998 WFSC Dealer Recognition Award and individual exhibit awards will be presented at this event.

Show activities

WISCOPEX offers many interesting and diverse adult and youth exhibits in the open competition. Single-frame and display class exhibits will also he shown this year. In addition, the Best of Show exhibits from the various WFSC clubs will be competing for the title of Champion of Champions. Claude Giralte, Jim Maher and Frank Moertl will judge this year’s exhibits.

The bourse will offer something for everyone. The U.S. Postal Service will have all the recent issues on hand. The stamp and cover dealers will have a wide and varied stock of material for all budgets. Remember to patronize the dealers, as they are the backbone of every stamp show.

The youth will have a special table with stamps and material oriented toward youth interests and lighter budgets. Of special interest this year will be a GeoSafari game, stamp bingo and a contest to guess the number of stamps in a jar.

Innovations at this year's show will be the appearance of former Green Bay Packers and an auction by Bill Robinson, which is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, April 26.

Finally, I look forward to seeing all of you and hope that you and your families have an enjoyable stay in Appleton.

May/June issue No column this issue

July/August issue

1998 Convention/Exhibition Wrap-up

By WFSC Pres. Greg Schmidt

The 1998 WFSC convent convention/exhibition ion (WISCOPEX) was held in Applcton, WI, on April 25-26. The show opened at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning with the judging team of Jim Mather, Frank Moertl and Claude Giralte beginning their task at hand. Dealers offered a wide variety of material for novice to advanced collectors. The youth table provided many activities and was well attended both days of the show.

The Annual Business Meeting was called to order at t p.m. on Saturday, with the invocation presented by Verna Shackleton Twenty-three delegates/alternate delegates attended this year's meeting to represent 20 of the WFSC's 32 clubs. Individuals within the 32 clubs total 1,065, and our members-at-large have grown to 16. The meeting included special recognition of' Al Marcus, Robert Mather, and Henry (Hank) Schmidt who each received a President's Award for outstanding service to the WFSC.

Future convention hosts are:

1999 - Wauwatosa Philatelic Society

2000 - Badger Stamp Club (Madison)

2001 - Sheboygan Stamp Club and

Manitowoc Philatelic Society As we generally schedule five years in advance, we need host clubs for conventions 2002 and 2003.

The 1998 banquet was held at the Green Mill restaurant, where all enjoyed the good food and conversation. The highlight of the evening was the announcement of exhibition winners and presentation of awards. This year's Champion of Champions award went to Robert Lieb, Best of Show to Charles Shoe-maker, Youth Grand to Michael Brooks, and Youth Reserve Grand to Sara Henak. See p. 7 for a complete listing of exhibits and awards.

The 1998 WFSC Dealer Recognition Award was presented to Carl and Phyllis Ziesemer of Plainex Stamps.

Thank you to Jim Maher for presenting the exhibition awards and congratulations to all the honorees.

Several members attended the annual Wisconsin Postal History Society meeting held on Sunday morning.

Of special interest this year was an auction conducted by Bill Robinson on Sunday after-noon. It attracted spirited competition for the auction material and helped increase attendance and interest in the show.

Now it's time to thank the Outagamie Philatelic Society for hosting this 67th WFSC convention and exhibition. The following individuals are to be commended for a job well done: WISCOPEX co-Chrmn. AI Marcus and Gene Clark, Site Chrmn. Darwin Hintz, Exhibits Chrmn. Verna Shackleton, and all the other OPS members who worked so hard behind the scenes. Countless hours go into hosting a WISCOPEX and all involved, including the dealers, deserve a big thank-you from the WFSC officers and members.

Finally, a thank-you to the WFSC officers, committees members, and general members, too, for your continued support of your federation, 1 hope you and your families have a safe and enjoyable summer •

September issue

New Stamp Collecting Season

By WFSC Pres. Greg Schmidt

Welcome back to the unofficial start of another stamp collecting season. I hope that you and your families had an enjoyable summer.

On Saturday, July 18, the WFSC held an Executive Board meeting in Milwaukee at the Mayfair Shopping Center Community Room. Just a few items discussed in conjunction with various committee reports were 1999 Hall of Fame nominations (none as of July 18), the WFSC's participation at MTLCOPEX '98 (September 18-20), progress of Wisconsin on Stamps, and new publicity and public relations gifts for those who wear a WFSC logo button to WISCOPEX. A big thank-you goes out to John Fagan for making meeting arrangements. Remember, all clubs are encouraged to host an Executive Board meeting. Simply drop me a line expressing your desire to do so, and we will take it from there.

You might like to know that Robert Mather supplies those WFSC logo buttons that you see people wearing at various shows around the state at no charge to the WFSC.

Bob also writes the "Who's Who in the WFSC" and "Dealer Profile" columns for Across the Fence Post. Thank you, Bob, for your generous donation and continued involvement with the WFSC.

While we are on the subject of people who have contributed to the WFSC, I learned that Brian J. Liedtke, of Appleton, WI, spent the summer working as an intern for Linn's Stamp News and Scott Stamp Monthly. His duties included editing columns, writing a guide for Linn's new subscribers, working with the new Scott CD-ROM database, and contributing to the Scott catalog. Brian will graduate from college in spring 1999 and is getting married in July 1999. In the past, Brian was very active in the Junior Philatelists of America, as well as working with MaryAnn Bowman on WFSC youth projects. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Finally, with the new stamp season, come stamp shows and resumption of regular club meetings. Why not make this the year that you get involved with either your local club or the WFSC by volunteering some of your time. I am sure that you have something to contribute and there are always positions waiting to be tilled. Thank you and enjoy the year ahead. •

October issue

Attending a Stamp Show

By WFSC Pres Greg Schmidt

The start of the stamp club season also brings the beginning of another stamp show season. September through November is traditionally some of the heaviest months of the year for stamp shows, both local and national.

How does one prepare for attending a stamp show? The first step is to acquire access to a national or state philatelic publication. Subscribe to Linn's Stamp News, Stamp Collector, etc., or hold membership in an organization that provides a regular publication to its members. Examples are the American Philatelic Society's American Philatelist, the WFSC's Across the Fence Post, etc. Most of these types of publications include a show calendar, which is the first step in finding out when and where shows will be held. Some publications also include information about the kind of exhibits you can expect to see at the various shows, any special programs offered, as well as what dealers will be attending and their specialties.

Next, with a show site and date set, prepare a want list of your needs (never trust your memory). Bring along catalogs of your particular collecting interest. They'll help you with identifying unusual items (again, don't trust your memory). With this information in hand, its time to head out to the show.

I suggest that you make plans to travel to the show with several other collectors. You will enjoy the company and can share the task of driving. Upon entering the venue, pick up a copy of the show program. It tells you where to find the dealers that carry items related to your specialty. It also lists exhibit tides and any special activities involved with the show.

Now it's time to hit the dealer tables. I have found that dealers can be an excellent source of information and will assist you in finding material for your collections (try giving them your want list sometime).

Be sure to devote some of your time to viewing the exhibits, which can be an educational benefit. If you find an exhibit that is of special interest, try to contact the exhibitor. Sharing information with other collectors and exhibitors can establish long-term friendships, another advantage to our hobby.

I hope these comments will be of some assistance as you plan your next stamp show excursion. Most importantly, however, is that you enjoy yourself' •

November issue

On Philatelic Judging

By WFSC Pres. Greg Schmidt

I have been a WFSC judge for the last 10 years. How did I get into judging'? It began when I was introduced to exhibiting by Verna Shackleton, a member of my local club. After finding a topic that I felt comfortable with, I followed the basic evolution with my exhibit. It was first shown at the local level, next at the annual WISCOPEX (state show), and finally at the first of several national shows, MILCOPEX '85.

The policy of using judges at national-level shows has been in place for several years. Judging criteria is set up to give the beginner some guidelines to follow, and judges offer constructive criticism of the exhibit and tips on how to better one's presentation.

The first-time exhibitor often experiences a rude awakening. We all feel that our collections are special, and when it is initially critiqued, we sometimes take exception to that criticism. The ability, however, to take that criticism and turn it to an advantage is what makes the difference between a successful exhibit and one that never grows.

After years of showing and improving my exhibit through the advice of judges, both good and bad, I eventually decided it was time to give something back to the hobby. I, therefore, applied for a WFSC judging apprenticeship. I began the apprenticeship program in 1987, which requires working with certified judging at three WFSC shows. The first thing I learned is that judges must learn to temper themselves with regard to the level of show they are judging. That is, judging principles employed at the national level cannot be used at local-level shows. The need to nurture an exhibit and exhibitor is essential at the "grass roots" level. Judging with harsh and unrealistic principles can result in discouraging the beginning exhibitor from competing in the future.

The judging of philatelic exhibits is not and never will be perfect. The next time you enter your exhibit, remember that those individuals judging are only human and have their own prejudices, as much as they try not to be influenced by them.

I encourage all clubs that have competitive exhibits to use certified WFSC judges. Names and addresses of those judges can be found on p. 135 of your club's copy of the WFSC Blue Book and are published annually in ATFP. Although "People's Choice" balloting is an alternative for determining exhibit winners, it does not offer the benefits of using accredited judges.

I hope you have learned something about judges and the service they provide to exhibitors. I also encourage all of you to try your hands at exhibiting.

December issue

Fall Board Meeting

By WFSC Pres. Greg Schmidt

Twelve WFSC officers and committee members met on Saturday. October 31 in Waunakee (just outside of Madison) for a WFSC Executive Board meeting. The first half of the meeting convened at 10 a.m. with the quarterly treasurer's report. This was followed by progress of plans for WISCOPEX '99, which will he hosted by the Wauwatosa Philatelic Society on May 8-9 at the Hart Park Arena in Wauwatosa. General Chairman Claude Giralte reported that he is still accepting dealers for the bourse, and the exhibit prospectus will be available in January.

ATFP Editor Karen Weigt stated she is always looking for articles, both long and short. So if you have an idea for an article, no matter what the topic, you are encouraged to contact Karen.

The Publicity and Public Relations Committee has obtained a new gift for those who wear their WFSC buttons to WISCOPEX: a package of Post-It notes with the W'FSC logo. Committee business also covered discussion of a cachet design and possible unofficial first-day cancel for the 1999 Green Bay Packers and Super Bowl stamps forthcoming as a part of the 1960s Celebrate the Century issue. Plans for yet another cachet were approved for the University of Wisconsin postal card to be issued in February 1999.

MaryAnn Bowman announced that the 1999 WFSC Club Trivia would have a new twist, so stay tuned to the February issue of ATFP.

Meeting attendees adjourned at noon for lunch and convened again at I p.m. Karen Weigt reported that the Wisconsin on Stamps project is moving along, but it is taking more time than expected. Karen due to the continued workload already assumes this. If you feel that you can help, please give her a call.

The WFSC Hall of Fame Committee has only one nomination for the Class of 1999 and the deadline for getting nomination paperwork to the WFSC secretary is December 31, 1998. Concerning the Hall of Fame Committee, we have been informed that Bob Lieb has had an out-of-state job transfer. Jim Maher has agreed to fill Bob's position on the committee.

The American Philatelic Society has a new Youth Coordinator and program for young collectors. Watch for more information in MaryAnn Bowman's "Joining With Juniors" column.

Under new business, the WFSC is exploring the possibility of offering a WISCOPEX topical exhibit award starting in the year 2000, but details need to be worked out.

The dealer section of the BLUE BOOK will he updated with address and phone number changes and new dealers added.

For any WFSC club whose membership had lapsed in the past, we can offer an opportunity to pay for those lapsed years and claim continuous membership since joining the WFSC. If your club is interested in this offer, please contact the WFSC Treasurer Deanna Juhnke.

The next WFSC Executive Board meeting will be held in Fond du Lac on Saturday, February 13, 1999, and all are invited to attend.

On a personal note, we have been informed that Perry Harris (Sheboygan Stamp Club and Hall of Fame Committee) and Roy Northwood (Central Wisconsin Stamp Club and WFSC past-president and regional VP) were both recently involved in serious car accidents. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Perry and Roy and their families and we hope that both gentlemen have a speedy and full recovery.

Secondly, we wish Bob Lieb all the best on his job reassignment and thank him for all his work on the various WFSC committees (Publications. Hall of Fame, and Publicity and Public Relations).

Finally. I hope that you and your families have a safe and enjoyable holiday season and I hope to see you back here in January 1999! •

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