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          This page includes President's Message columns from the 1996 issues of Across the Fence Post.

January issue

Getting Acquainted

By WFSC President Jerry D. Weasner

Greetings, Fellow Philatelists!

The new WFSC presidential term has begun, and I'll be serving you in this capacity for the next

two years. My hope, during this time, is to carry on the fine work of our past presidents. I also hope to gain a greater appreciation for the hobby through learning about the basic operations of stamp shows, exhibiting and how exhibits are judged at different levels.

The WFSC is comprised of many very fine people. I'd like to see the membership of our local clubs across the state grow and, thus, the federation will grow, too.

I have been president of the Chain--o-Lakes Stamp Collectors Club since it was formed in 1984. The club is one of the smallest clubs in the federation with only 16 current members. We recently put together our first stamp show. It was a small exhibit that ran for three weeks from September 11-30, 1995, at the Waupaca Public Library. Over 200 people viewed the exhibit and signed the visitors' book. Approximately 14 of those visitors signed up to join our club.

Now, for a few details about me. I am 55 years old and just had a birthday on December 2. I have worked in the parts department at the Waupaca Foundry for the past 25 years.

My wife, Patricia, and I have six children: five boys and one girl. Mike is our oldest son who lives in Germany with his wife, Stephanie, and our youngest granddaughter, Denise. Mike has been the source of many fine stamps from Germany and other European countries. Our daughter, Cathy, lives in Plymouth, MN, with her husband, Mike, and our other two grandchildren, Adam and Erin. Matthew lives in Madison and is a draftsman for a construction company that builds houses in and around the Madison area. The other three boys live at home. The youngest, Martin, attends the UW-Stevens Point.

I'll have the opportunity to meet many of you during the next two years, and I hope you will all become my friends in this great organization.

February issue No column this issue

March issue

1996-97 Presidential Appointments

By WFSC President Jerry D. Weasner

The WFSC Bylaws require that every new president must either reinstate or change existing presidential appointments within 50 days of taking office. Exceptions are those appointments that are made at WISCOPEX.

Consequently, I'm officially announcing that, with just two changes, all committee members, individual positions, etc., involved with this action will retain their respective status for the next two years.

The two changes both involve our immediate past-president Greg Schmidt. I've appointed Greg to serve on the Finance Committee. He also wall replace Vern Witt as chairman of the Judging Committee, thereby returning to the position he held for some time before becoming WFSC president. I'd like to thank Vern for leading the committee during Greg's presidential term. I also want him to remain on the committee to assist me in learning as much is I can in the next two years about exhibiting and judging.

Here is a listing of all committees and appointments as they now stand:


Rep., American Philatelic Society - Karen Weigt

Corporate Registered Agent - Karen Weigt

Finance Committee - Chrmn. Deanna Juhnke, Jim Maher, Greg Schmidt

Publicity and Public Relations Committee (Co-chrmn. MaryAnn Bowman and Karen Weigt

Committee on Judging - Chrmn. Greg Schmidt, Vern Witt, Frank Moertl, Chuck Rebek and Jim Maher

Wisconsin Stamp Suggestion Committee - vacant

Bylaws Committee - Chrmn. Karen Weigt, Raymond J. Wood

Committee on Exhibitions, - Co-chrmn. Ron Fritz and Ken Peters, Deanna Juhnke, Dan Undersander

Hall of Fame Committee - Chrmn. MaryAnn Bowman, Perry Harris, Robert J. Mather

Nominating Committee - Chrmn. Roy Northwood, Wm. Grosnick Sr., Greg Schmidt

Historian - Verna 5hackleton Newsletter Editor Karen Weigt

Advertising Manager - vacant


Newsletter Distributor - John Fagan

BLUE BOOK - Greg Schmidt

Cover Exchange Program - MaryAnn Bowman

Show/Bourse/Meeting Info Flier - Karen Weigt

Hall of Fame Permanent Record Book - Frank Moertl

Newsletter Committee - Chrmn. Karen Weigt, MaryAnn Bowman, A1 Marcus, Ron Hayes (to be dissolved upon completion of a set of "Guidelines for the Editor")

I'd additionally like to recognize our WISCOPEX general chairmen, who were appointed by their home clubs:

WISCOPEX 96 - Robert J. Mather (Waukesha County Philatelic Society

WISCOPEX 97 - Jim Beck (Wauwatosa Philatelic Society)

During the neat two years, I hope we can see a few new stamps originate from the great state of Wisconsin. There are some good suggestions currently on the table. To increase the possibility that they'll come to fruition, however, we need people to fill the vacancy of the Wisconsin Stamp Suggestion Committee. Won't you volunteer?

April issue No column this issue

May/June issue No column this issue

July/August issue

Reflections on WISCOPEX '96

By WFSC President Jerry D. Weasner

WISCOPEX '96 is now history, and I would like to congratulate Robert Mather and the Waukesha County Philatelic Society for hosting this year's event. Thanks to all the WFSC officers and club members who attended our meeting. Thanks also to the fine group of judges, headed this year by Greg Schmidt.

All the exhibits were wonderful. We had a long list of awards for adults, but the youth awards were even better. My compliments to all who entered exhibits, and I hope you keep up the good work.

I wish to recognize the three new members of the Wisconsin Philatelic Hall of Fame: Fred Ericksen, John Fagan and Fred Ziemann. Big congratulations also to Renee's Stamps, recipient of the 1996 WFSC Dealer Recognition Award. I hope all of the 32 stamp dealers found the show to be a worthwhile experience.

I certainly enjoyed myself very much. I arrived Friday night and helped the Kendall's from Wausau set up their booth. I did this because I wanted to see first hand how exhibits are placed in frames and how the dealers set up their tables. I learned a lot that weekend, and I hope to keep on learning more each year so we can sponsor a show and some bourses in the Waupaca area in 1997.

Again, this was a very good event and I was proud to be a part of it.

September issue

Time to Get Back to Stamps

By WFSC President Jerry D. Weasner

Greetings, fellow stamp collectors! It's September, time to get back to our albums and those boxes of accumulations that need soaking off paper. It's also football season, time to watch the Packers play, too. Of course, if you're a diehard collector, you'll simply move the TV into the stamp den.

I hope your summer was as much fun as mine - even with all the rainy days. I purchased several small collections that need sorting and cataloging this fall. I finally got an inventory CD for my computer so now I can start to keep track of my collections.

Remember. Stamp collecting is fun and educational!

October issue

Stamp Collecting Month

By WFSC President Jerry D. Weasner

Since October is National Stamp Collecting Month, I plan to enjoy the hobby a bit more by inviting at least two new people to my local club meeting. In this way, I'll get to learn about some different areas of collecting and collecting habits. I also hope to introduce the hobby to kids by meeting with a grade school class.

Invite a new person to your meeting this month and keep trying to convince those closet collectors that they can benefit from organized philately, too.

According to Australian Stamps, a new magazine I have just subscribed to, Australia also will celebrate October as stamp collecting month. During the past three months, I have increased my list of pen pals around the world from 300 to 450. This will add to my collection of foreign covers and stamps by tenfold during the next year or two. I hope every collector has as least a few foreign pen pals. It's a great way to acquire different stamps - sometimes issues that are very hard to find.

November issue

Tweezers, Tweezers, Who Took my Tweezers?

By WFSC President Jerry D. Weasner

I'll bet that heading got your attention; as to stamp collectors in the United States they are called tongs! In my experience, tongs are one of the hardest items to keep track of. At one time, I had at least three new pairs of the slanted type; now I'm lucky if I can find one. They're not lost, but just misplaced within some part of my collection. I'll find them some day and put them all in one box so they can be found more easily next time I need them.

Stamp tongs should be spade- or round-tipped. Pointed tips can punch holes in your stamps. Also, applying excessive pressure to the tongs can put bends or creases in your stamps. Tongs are additionally used to handle stamp hinges.

To more easily find your tongs on a crowded table, try coloring the end with a paint marker, or find some of that colored plastic coating for tools and dip at least one inch to 1 1/2 inches of the handle.

Good luck keeping track of those tongs, and I hope to see you at a future stamp show.

December issue

'Tis the Season

By WFSC President Jerry D. Weasner

December is a vibrant time of the year. In Wisconsin, we see the autumn leaves give way to cold air from Canada and lots of snowflakes. It's amazing that not a single flake is the same as another, and like the stars at night they are impossible to count. So it is with stamp collectors and stamps. We're all unique and it's infeasible to collect every stamp that has ever been issued. Neither can we calculate how many more the future will bring. This does not, however, deter me from continuing to add to my collection.

Some of us may be looking forward to receiving a special philatelic goodie for Christmas. When asked, I always tell my family and friends with whom I exchange gifts that I want stamps. My son, Michael, who lives in Ger-many, is the only one who seems to appreciate my request. He usually sends me stamps he acquires through his work.

I wish to extend to all of you a most joyous and happy holiday season! It's the time of year when my family and I are thinking of a white Christmas - say about four inches of snow - Santa Claus, gifts and the reason for Christmas, the birth of Jesus!

May your stamp collecting time be spent enjoying all the different issues that you have acquired. May your knowledge of stamps and stamp collecting continue to grow. May the force be with you. Live long and prosper.

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