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          This page includes President's Message columns from the 1995 issues of Across the Fence Post.

January issue

1994 Accomplishments, Goals for 1995

By WFSC President Greg S. Schmidt

Happy New Year to one and all! We have finally moved into our new home and hope to get our lives back in order soon. Thank you to those who filled this space for me since last October.

Before I cover the WFSC's 1994 accomplishments and goals for 1995, I wish to announce that Roy Northwood has resigned his position as WFSC Central Region VP. His resignation will be effective as of January 15. Roy is a member of the Central Wisconsin Stamp Club, and he served many terms as WFSC Central Regional VP throughout the years 197b-83 and 1985-present. He held the office of WFSC president from 1983-85 and was in-ducted into the Wisconsin Philatelic Hall of Fame in 1993. Roy also has served on the Wisconsin Stamp Suggestion Committee, the Nominating Committee and the Hall of Fame Committee.

Thank you, Roy, for all your service as regional VP, and we look forward to your continued input in other WFSC matters for years to come.

Roy's successor is Ron Fritz. Ron is a member of the Wisconsin Valley Philatelic Society. He was co-chairman of WISCOPEX '93 and currently is a member of the WFSC Committee on Exhibitions. Welcome aboard, Ron. Accomplishments of your federation during 1994 are as follows:

The WFSC sponsored the continued and expanded use of the Cover Exchange Program.

The annual Dealer Recognition Award was conceived of during this past year, and the first recipient will be honored at WISCOPEX '95.

Of special interest to exhibitors at this year's convention and exhibition will be single-frame exhibits, for which judging criteria was set in place during 1994.

The Publicity and Public Relations Committee provided counsel to the International Crane Foundation for festivities held in conjunction with Crane stamp issue. The committee sought and still is seeking new venues for WFSC participation at various event-, throughout the state. Please let us know if you have any information or ideas related w community events that might be conducive to promoting stamp collecting.

KIDPEX '94 moved its location from Milwaukee to Elkhart Lake and was warmly received.

Finally, the Newsletter Committee has ironed out most of the wrinkles associated with Across the Fence Post, and each issue offers a diverse cross-section of our hobby. We can only continue to offer a varied array of articles through input from federation members, so why not give it a try. Regarding goals for the New Year:

We're looking at the culmination of an eight-year effort w achieve final status as an Internal Revenue Code section SO1(c)(3) organization. In November 1990, the WFSC was granted this status under an advance ruling, with the final determination by the Internal Revenue Service to take place on or about March 31, 1995. The 501(c)(3) status classifies the WFSC as a non-profit, charitable group with an emphasis on education.

Second on this year's list is to reactivate the WFSC Speaker's Bureau that existed some 10 years ago. If you have any interest in this activity, please let me know.

The Wisconsin Stamp Suggestion Committee is still vacant and needs a person(s) to continue the efforts of Robert Mather. We hope to fill this position in 1995.

The WFSC needs new blood on its roster of judges. Vem Witt, chairman of our Judging Committee, would appreciate hearing from you if you have an interest in becoming a judge.

The Federation newsletter hopes to increase its advertising revenue in the coming year. You can help by introducing the newsletter to your favorite dealers who currently aren't using our publication as an advertising vehicle. You also can help by patronizing the dealers who are already advertising in ATFP.

The final goal for the New Year is to encourage everyone to make a contribution to the hobby by serving as a club officer, presenting a program, or helping out at a local club show.

February issue No Column this issue

March issue No Column this issue

April issue

Call for Convention '95

By WFSC President Greg S. Schmidt

The 1995 Convention and Exhibition of the Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs, WISCOPEX, will be held on April 22-23 at the Holiday Inn Southeast, I-90 & Hwy. 12/18 (Exit 142B), Madison, WI.

This year's WISCOPEX is hosted by the Badger Stamp Club and is chaired by Dan Undersander, with assistance by Karen Weigt, who is our WFSC secretary, interim newsletter editor, and is active in countless other WFSC efforts.

Delegates and new check-in procedure

All WFSC member clubs are re-minded to send a delegate and/or an alternate to the Annual Business Meeting, scheduled for Saturday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. Members-at-large also are invited to attend, but have no voting privileges.

To shorten the check-in line, delegates/alternates may preregister at the WFSC society table at any time prior to the meeting. Just present your written credentials to Deanna Juhnke. She will get you signed in and give you your meeting papers. Deanna has been assigned this duty for 1995 be-cause, as mentioned above, our WFSC secretary will be busy with other aspects of the show.

Delegates also are advised that the WFSC is classified as an IRC 501(c)(3) organization, thereby making your out-of-pocket expenses to attend the Annual Business Meeting deductible on your IRS income tax returns.

Meeting agenda

Reports of officers, committees and various projects will be presented at the meeting. For new business, we'll be voting to approve an updated version of the WFSC Standing Rules and a dues increase, as well as to elect officers for the next term of service. This is also the time to bring any comments and suggestions that you or your club may have concerning the WFSC and its operations. The meeting will conclude with the required annual appointments.

WFSC society table activities

Wear your WFSC logo button, show it to the staff at the society table and receive a gift from the WFSC. Bring your club publicity fliers (club meeting info, show fliers, etc.). Place them on the society table for distribution to all shows visitors.

Get your club's light switched on within the WFSC map to indicate your club is epresented at the show.

While at the table, offer part of your time during the weekend to relieve the staff now and then or to help out in some other manner.

Show activities

This year's WISCOPEX offers some-thing for everyone. Exhibits range from beginning youth efforts to competition for the title of "champion of champions." A highlight is the introduction of single-frame exhibits.

Another new feature is the judges' critique, where exhibitors can get advice on how to improve their exhibits and non-exhibitors can learn how exhibits are judged.

Stamp and cover dealers will have a wide and varied stock of material. Please patronize the dealers, as they are the backbone of every stamp show. Of special interest this year, the WFSC will present the first dealer recognition award at the Saturday evening banquet. An auction immediately follows the awards presentations. I look forward to seeing all of you and hope that you and your families enjoy your stay in Madison. 0

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July/August issue

1995 Convention / Exhibition

WISC By WFSC President Greg S. Schmidt

OPEX '95, the 64th convention and exhibition of the Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs, was held April 22-23 in Madison, WI.

The show opened on Saturday morning at 10 a.m. with the judging team of Frank Moertl, Arthur Schmitz, Vcrn Witt and apprentice Claude Giralte beginning their task at hand. This year's show offered the additional task of judging exhibits in the new Single-frame Division.

The Annual Business Meeting was called to order at 1 p.m. on Saturday, with Verna Shackleton presenting the invocation. Reports by officers and committee chairs can be found in the meeting minutes on pp. 5-8. Of special importance to all members was the matter of increasing dues to $1.20 per member, which was passed by the delegates present.

In other business, Douglas Gafaszewski resigned his positions of WFSC VP and member of the Finance Committee. We wish Doug the best and thank him for all his past efforts on behalf of the WFSC.

A1 Marcus was appointed to fill out Doug's term as WFSC V11, effective April 22.

Unfortunately, we also heard Ron Hayes' resignation as ATFP advertising manager. He is, however, continuing his WFSC activity as SW Region VP and service on the Newsletter Commit-tee. Thank you, Ron, and all the best to you and your family.

Jerry D. Weasner was elected for the position of president and Al Marcus was elected VP. Their two-year terms begin on January 1, 1996.

Karen Weigt has again agreed to stay on as the newsletter editor. Louis Haas has offered his services to fill the vacancy on the Wisconsin Stamp Suggestion Committee.

Receiving Presidents Awards were Roy Northwood and Douglas Galaszewski. Congratulations and thank you again.

The WISCOPEX banquet was held at the Holiday Inn Southeast on Saturday night. The highlight of the banquet is the presentation of awards. This year's Champion of Champions award went to Jim Hale. Barbara Mueller won the Best of Show in the Open Division. The Youth Grand award was presented to Tracy Zavrl and the Youth Reserve Grand went to Brian J. Liedtke. Receiving a special President's Award was Karen Weigt. The final presentation was made to Dennis R. Lemke, recipient of the first WFSC Dealer Recognition Award. Congratulations to all of this year's award winners and a thank-you to all who took the time and effort to put an exhibition together; it is a labor of love for this hobby.

The Junior Philatelists of America (Wisconsin Chapter) met on Saturday morning at 10 a.m. The Wisconsin Postal History Society held their annual meeting on Sunday morning, with several members in attendance and much activity after the meeting.

Throughout the weekend, youngsters flowed in and out of the impressive Youth Activities Room, where they participated in many hands-on activities and received gifts and prizes.

With the 64th Annual Convention and Exhibition now history, I wish to thank Dan Undersander, Karen Weigt and all members of the Badger Stamp Club for hosting this year's WISCOPEX. Many hours go into producing this show and all involved, including the dealers, deserve a big thank-you from the WFSC members and officers.

The Waukesha County Philatelic Society under the guidance of Robert J. Mather will host WISCOPEX 96. The show site is the Olympia Village in Oconomowoc. More information will become available in the coming months.

Finally, I want to thank all the officers, committees and members of this Federation for your continued support and wish you and yours a safe and enjoy-able summer.

September issue

Stamp Collecting Returns to Full Swing Welcome back.

By WFSC President Greg S. Schmidt

The 1995-96 stamp season officially starts this month, and I hope that you and your families had an enjoyable summer season.

On Saturday, July 22, the WFSC held an Executive Board meeting in Fond du Lac, and I thank Fred Ericksen for making arrangements for our meeting place. Several items of interest were brought up during the meeting. It was reported that progress of WISCOPEX '96 is well under way. The Judging Committee presented new guidelines for single-frame exhibits. Single-frame exhibits will be listed under "Division IV - Single Frame" in future prospectuses and will have a maximum of one frame (regardless of frame size) or 16 pages per entry. A minimum of two frames will be required for open competition in the future. These changes will be included in the next revision of the BLUE BOOK.

The Newsletter Committee is al-ways looking for articles from members. Send them to Karen Weigt, ATFP Interim Editor. We also have a dire need to fill the vacancy of ATFP advertising manager.

Effective June 13, 1995, Steve Langkau resigned his duties as WFSC Historian. Verna Shackleton has volunteered to assume the responsibilities of this position. Thank you, Steve, for your years of dedication, and to Verna, thank you and all the best with your new title.

WFSC Treasurer Deanna Juhnke was presented with a special President's Award for her many years of dedicated service to the WFSC. Thank you, De.

The Hall of Fame Committee is looking for candidates from local WFSC clubs for the Class of 1996. Send your nominations to WFSC Secretary Karen Weigt as soon as possible, as the deadline is December 31. (See nomination details on p. 2.)

The Judging Committee is still in need of apprentice judges. If you think you might be interested in becoming a WFSC judge, drop me a line and I will get you in touch with the proper individuals.

The Wisconsin Stamp Suggestion Committee remains vacant and Robert Mather is still interested in showing a new committee member(s) the ropes involved with getting a stamp subject idea to fruition. This committee is very important and has remained vacant for far too long. Please call me to offer your services so we can get things moving again. My phone number is listed in the masthead on p. 2.

While on the subject of getting involved with the WFSC, we are always looking for new people to fill positions on committees or help with special projects. I know this plea sounds familiar and that is because we still have vacancies, but no warm bodies to fill them. So please, consider getting involved in your Federation.

Finally, with the new stamp season at hand comes resumption of local club meetings and stamp shows. Consider attending a local show and support the efforts of those committees and dealers who work countless hours to make the show possible. Also consider becoming involved in your local club by volunteering to present a program or run for office.

October issue

Publicity and You

By WFSC President Greg S. Schmidt

The dictionary defines publicity as "information with news value issued to gain public attention or support."

Publicity affects all of us each and every day of our lives, through newsprint, television, radio, magazines, even the computer. Publicity is forms of advertising, of letting people know that you have something of value to offer.

Most of those who read this newsletter each month belong to a local stamp collecting club(s). And, most clubs let their members know about upcoming meetings by announcing them in either a newsletter or schedule of events. This can be taken one step further by contacting your local news-paper to publish an announcement of your meetings, placing fliers in public places, using cable access channels to list your activities, asking radio stations for possible air time, and especially by sending information to the editor of Across the Fence Post so it can be included in the "Club News" section.

Many clubs sponsor an annual local show. Publicity is especially important for these events, as you are trying to attract non-club members. In addition to the means listed above, your show publicity can be accomplished through press releases to the philatelic weeklies and by requesting a listing on their show calendar pages. The WFSC BLUE BOOK includes a comprehensive guide for show publicity.

ATFP can be used as your personal publicity tool, too. You could submit an article about your collecting interest to not only draw attention to your specialty, but to educate others at the same time.

ATFP offers ad space to sell or locate materials from other collectors with similar interests.

You could use ATFP to request information from other collectors throughout the state. For example, you're conducting a census of how many WFSC members collect Disney stamps, or maybe you're interested in finding out the number of existing covers that are franked with a certain stamp during a particular period of time.

You could also call attention to the need for a club in your area or a specialty society. You could use ATFP as a platform to learn if there's enough interest to warrant the formation of another society.

As you can see, publicity can be used to your advantage in a number of ways and it can be achieved through a number of means. I hope this column has given you some new avenues to approach. I also hope it has given you some ideas of how to use your WFSC newsletter to its full advantage.

November issue

Stamp Shows - What's in a Name?

By WFSC President Greg S. Schmidt

I'm sure that most of you have attended a stamp show at some time of another. This month I'll try to explain the differences between bourses, local stamp shows (club shows), state (regional) shows, and national shows.

Bourses are normally commercial ventures promoted and conducted by stamp dealers or stamp dealer groups; e.g., Wausau's monthly show or the periodic shows staged by Bill Robinson. Normally, you will not see exhibits at these shows. Bourses, on occasion, will have a mixture of stamp and coin dealers at the same venue.

Area stamp clubs sponsors local stamp shows. Over the years, most of these show names have adopted the "pex" abbreviation for Philatelic EXhibition; e.g., BAYPEX, POLARPEX.

Local shows sometimes resemble a bourse, as exhibits are not always included at these events. Club shows have a reception table where one can find past show covers, promotional brochures of various specialty collecting groups, philatelic newspapers, as well as information about the sponsoring club's meeting times and location. These shows usually run for two days, but in some instances, only one, de-pending on the club's size and number of volunteers. If exhibits are included, they will encompass numerous topics and are usually the first effort by an individual. The mixture and number of dealers depends on the room size, but resembles what is seen at a bourse.

State or regional shows are the next step in stamp show evolution. In the state of Wisconsin, this is called WISCOPEX, which is the annual convention and exhibition of the Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs. WISCOPEX is hosted by one of the numerous local clubs throughout the state. Various statewide specialty groups meet once a year at this show. The dealer portion of the show is simply expanded from the local club show.

The exhibits are more diverse, number more, and normally are more advanced than what you would see locally. A team of three qualified judges from throughout the state judges the exhibits. There are three award levels in addition to specialty group awards for qualifying exhibits.

The WFSC staffs a society table where information related to the federation and its local member clubs can be found. Sometimes the state show includes society tables for specialty collecting groups.

Finally, there are national shows, which are an expanded version of state/regional shows. An example is MILCOPEX, and national shows run for three days. National organizations often convene at such shows and offer seminars open to the public that are well worth attending. The dealer portion numbers between 40 to 60 different dealers with a wide and diversified stock of material. American Philatelic Society accredited judges who award ribbons from five different levels, in addition to specialty group awards, judge the exhibits. Exhibits at the national level can be some of the finest collections assembled in the world and are well worth the time to view. Numerous specialty groups staff society tables to explain whom they are and what they have to offer. You'll also find a reception table at national shows where you can get the show program, new and old show covers, and other important information.

As you can see, most of these shows have many similarities, as they basically evolve from one to the next. I hope this gives you a better under-standing of what shows are all about. I also hope that if you've never attended a stamp show, you're now encouraged to attend one and find out what you've been missing.

December issue

Changing of the Guard

By WFSC President Greg S. Schmidt

With this issue comes the end of my six-year journey of serving the WFSC as vice president and president. During those last six years, many people and events have affected the direction of the Wisconsin Federation of Stamp Clubs.

I remember being asked in 1989 by the then Vice President Ray Vedder to run for his position as he moved up to the presidency. The next two years saw the ongoing process of having our group approved for non-profit tax status. With the help of MaryAnn Bowman and Jim Maher, the current BLUE BOOK came to fruition in 1991. The Judging Committee made great strides in judging criteria and uniform judging sheets.

After one two-year term and with my business taking more of my free time, I turned down the nomination for president, but decided to stay on as vice president. Erik Martini was elected to the presidency. All was running rather smoothly until I received that fateful call in early 1993 and learned that Erik had passed away. Suddenly, I was thrust into the position of president.

The following months went surprisingly well, due in part to the support and guidance of people such as Karen Weigt, Deanna Juhnke and countless others. During this time, A1 Marcus agreed to come on and fill out my term as vice president. The newsletter, as you see it today, was already taking shape, with Karen Weigt as the driving force behind the new format.

In 1994, this "President's Message" and the new newsletter format were launched. Throughout the year, we saw an increased number of articles written by various WFSC members. Doug Galaszewski became the new vice president, and the idea for single-frame exhibits was born at the state show (WISCOPEX) in Stevens Point. Work began on initial criteria and judging sheets for this new exhibiting category. The paperwork continued for our group to attain non-profit tax status. The BLUE BOOK continued to be updated, and those pages were distributed to WFSC clubs at the annual convention.

1995, the final year: The WFSC finally achieved permanent IRS non-profit, charitable status, thanks to the efforts of the Finance Committee and Karen Weigt. We must not forget Ray Vedder, who got the ball rolling on this effort in the first place. At the annual convention in Madison, Doug Galaszewski announced his resignation from not only his position as vice president, but also all WFSC activities. Doug, thank you, for all your efforts throughout the years. Al Marcus again agreed to fill out a vice president's term - this time for Doug. Jerry Weasner became our president-elect.

WISCOPEX '95 was also the first time out for single-frame exhibits, with improvements to the criteria being worked on as we speak.

I with to thank all the people I have had the pleasure to be associated with. Karen Weigt has helped out in count-less ways as newsletter editor, secretary, publicity and public relations efforts, and the list goes on and on. Many thanks to WFSC Treasurer Deanna Juhnke and her fine work as chairman of the Finance Committee; to A1 Marcus, for stepping in when we were in need of a vice president (twice!), and for serving on the News-letter Committee; to Frank Moertl, who handles updating our Hall of Fame book; to Vern Witt, chairman of the

Judging Committee; to MaryAnn Bowman for her work with youth and WFSC publicity and public relations; to Bob Mather for all his past efforts as the sole member of the Wisconsin Stamp Suggestion Committee (still vacant); to Ron Hayes for his Newsletter Committee activities; to all of the WFSC Regional VPs, and various committee chairs and their members. I hope I haven't missed anyone, but if I have, it was not intentional.

Finally, I wish to thank all the members of the WFSC for the support I received during the last three years of my presidency. I hope you will lend the same support to your new president, Jerry D. Weasner.

Thank you all!!!

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