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By Hank Schmidt, Oshkosh Philatelic Society

Hank Schmidt has been collecting stamps and covers since 1942. He specializes in United States unused stamps and topical first-day covers. He served a four-year term as president of the now defunct First Day Cover Collectors of Wisconsin. He also edited that group's newsletter, The Wisconsin Cover Sheet, for approximately eight years and has had an article published in First Days, newsletter of the American First Day Cover Society. Hank enjoys amateur cachet making, making cachets on select subjects of personal interest. In addition to the Oshkosh Philatelic Society, Hank holds membership in the American Philatelic Society and the Wisconsin Postal History Society. We welcome Hank Schmidt as writer for this new column.

This new feature will appear in alternate issues of ATFP. I'm excited about having been invited to do it and to make a case for first-day cover collecting. No, I will not try to sell you on FDC collecting, but will try to impart to you what I think about this area of philately. You'll see a discussion of FDC collecting - good, bad, or whatever, and I hope to be controversial, so as to stimulate your comments.

Years ago, when I was much younger and more foolish than I am now, I was always impressed with a guy who could talk about a particular subject using hundred-dollar words (that's $100 before inflation) and technical jargon to the extent that I was unable to fully understand what was being said, and too uncomfortable to ask for explanations. Later, I found that most of these people were pseudo-experts (a fancy way of saying "fakes") and in reality probably came upon this good earth having been bored.

I will he stating my sentiments about FDC collecting in straight, unadulterated Midwestern English because I do not have the capacity or the desire to write it in any other way.

My plans are to discuss the following:

Amateur cachet making

Collecting by Scott number

Collecting by cachet maker

Cachet identification

Current trends in FDC collecting and cachet making

Reference material and catalogs

Your collection as an investment and/or as a part of history, plus a few other subjects that I haven't thought about yet.

At this point you may be saying to yourself, "Is this guy really an expert on FDCs or just some weirdo who wants to blow his horn?" All I can say is that I don't know what an expert is, and "yes," I will be blowing my horn, because I have a few things to blow it about.

I invite all fellow WFSC members to communicate with me about FDC collecting and/or this column. The more letters I receive, the longer the series will run. It should, therefore, be obvious to you that if you want this column to continue, write or talk to me. As your comments will be quoted and discussed, always make it clear if I may or may not use your name. If you don't indicate this, implied consent will rule, and I will use your name as needed.

If you think this feature stinks, then don't communicate with me or send me a nasty unsigned/signed letter telling me so.

That's my comment for now. What's yours?

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