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"The Club Co-op" columns for 2004

          This page includes previous The Club Co-op columns from the WFSC newsletter, Across the Fence Post published in 2004.

January issue

By Karen Weigt, WFSC Secretary

 Recently, two new visitors showed up at a Central Wisconsin Stamp Club (Stevens Point and Port Edwards) meeting. The CWSC president wisely took this occasion to open the meeting by asking everyone to introduce themselves. What a wonderful gesture to recognize these guests and welcome them into the fold. Since fellowship is the heart of all clubs, it’s important to foster it at every opportunity. It begins by members getting to know each other and by recognizing visitors.

While such introductions are appropriate for small groups, the practice could become tedious when more than 10 or so individuals are involved. Maintaining familiarity among members of a large club might be achieved by having two or three self-introductions per meeting. Do it on a random basis with a drawing of names from the entire membership roster. Discard the names of those who participate with an introduction. Names of those who were absent at the time of drawing go back into the pool. After a year (or two at most), replenish the pool with a full set of names.

The Kenosha Stamp and Cover Club is fostering fellowship through a new feature in its newsletter titled "Meet Our Members." The purpose is to introduce members to other members and help them connect with their collecting interests. The feature is a short paragraph of one KSCC member per issue.

Consider designating 2004 as Fellowship Year. At the very least, please remember to always introduce new visitors and don’t forget to ask them how they found you. You want to know where your publicity has been effective.

What others are doing

Officers leading the Wisconsin Valley Philatelic Society (Wausau) for 2004 are: Pres. Mike Lenard, (VP position vacant), Secy. Paul Nelson, and Treas. Linda Schultz.

At last September’s WVPS meeting, a fellow member presented an account of the postal history and stamps of Yugoslavia. He described how the political and ethnic entities complicated the early mail systems. This January’s meeting will feature a buy-sell-trade session. Members were encouraged to bring used copies of recent U.S. issues, especially those from the large se-tenant issues such as Greetings From America, Masters of American Photography, etc.

Going back again to 2003, the Green Bay Philatelic Society’s November meeting featured a presentation by one of its members on the topic of stamp forgeries. The December meeting is GBPS’s traditional and creative Way-out Topical Contest, entries of which from time to time have been published in ATFP

In November, members of the Germany Philatelic Society, Chapter 18 Heinrich von Stephan (Milwaukee) enjoyed an American Philatelic Society slide show titled "International Organizations on Stamps."

The Northwoods Philatelic Society (Iron Mountain, MI) decided to invite area postmasters or post office representatives to its December meeting. The program was "In Violation of the Rules," an APS slide show, which discusses postal violations.

Members of the Kettle Moraine Coin and Stamp Club (West Bend) spent their October meeting viewing an actual collection of covers that illegally made it through the mail. The group’s November program was all about postal cancellations.

The Oshkosh Philatelic Society, as well as several other clubs, is kicking off the new year with its favorite annual activities: the latest Linn’s U.S. Stamp Popularity Poll in January and the WFSC Club Trivia Contest in February.

American Topical Association Chapter 5 (Milwaukee) officers recently re-elected are: Pres. MaryAnn Bowman, VP Rollie Kohl, Secy. Linda Brothen, and Treas. Raymond Sullivan.

The Wauwatosa Philatelic Society’s annual auction is scheduled for March 27, a familiar event to all Milwaukee-area collectors.

February issue No column this issue

March issue

By Karen Weigt, WFSC Secretary

News of officer elections filled the pages of many January and February 2004 club newsletters. Our hats are off to those who accepted the responsibility of leadership. Most notable are the several who have already served multiple terms of office.

Back in December, members of the Northwoods Stamp and Coin Club (Rhinelander) re-elected Pres. Larry Marten, VP Bill Julian, Secy. John Barnich, and Treas. Norm Braeger. Elmer Schroll is the group’s new board member. In November, a fellow collector presented a program on the complicated U.S. 1908-21 2˘ Washington Head issues.

Also re-elected for 2004 are Rockford Stamp Club officers Pres. Tim Wait, VP John Brown, Secy. Matt Mace, and Treas. Tim Gallagher. Newly elected Director Ward Miller additionally serves as chairman for the club’s Tuesday morning meetings with Secy.-Treas. Dwane Kaplenk.

Last November, the Milwaukee Philatelic Society participated in the local Holiday Folk Fair held at Wisconsin State Fair Park. MPS members displayed exhibits and discussed some of the basics of stamp collecting with passers-by.

MPS 2004 officers re-elected are Pres. John Farkas, VP. Linda Brothen, Secy. Carol Schutta, and Treas. Kurt Albrecht. Gunther Heller and Frank Jenich will serve as directors.

Officers now leading the Wauwatosa Philatelic Society are Pres. Art Petrie, VP Joel Haeberlin, Secy. Nada Bevic, and Treas. John Fagan.

The November 2003 issue of Badger Postal History, the Wisconsin Postal History Society’s quarterly journal, introduces a series on Wisconsin post offices of the past. The first of the series features post offices on the old Smith Road (Smith and Stargard, WI) and the families who operated them.

For WPHS membership information, contact: Bill Robinson, Secy., WPHS, P.O. Box 12492, Green Bay, WI 54307.

Green Bay Philatelic Society members recently enjoyed American Philatelic Society slide show "Around the World in 80…Stamps."

More armchair traveling occurred at a Waukesha County Philatelic Society January meeting. Members were asked to prepare a one-page exhibit of stamps and covers depicting their travel destination of choice.

The Kettle Moraine Coin and Stamp (West Bend) plans ahead. The following educational program topics were scheduled for the first half of 2004: January - color variations, February - plate number coils, March - mechanics of exhibiting stamps, April - advertising covers, and May - Mr. ZIP and ZIP codes.

Badger Stamp Club’s (Madison) December program focused on wildlife seals. In January, a guest speaker explained plate numbers and marginal markings found on 19th century and early 20th century U.S. issues.

A member of the Kenosha Stamp and Cover Club helped kick off the 2004 meeting schedule with a slide presentation on Russian New Year’s stamps.

In January, the American Topical Association Chapter 5 and the American Air Mail Society, Gen. Billy Mitchell Chapter participated in a joint show-and-tell meeting of covers related to aero philately. Both groups are located in the Milwaukee area.

The "Presidents Message" published in the North Shore Philatelic Society of Milwaukee’s January-February newsletter posed several questions that likely kindled a lively discussion at the January meeting. Questions were with regard to insurance for philatelic collections.

Lake County Philatelic Society (Gurnee, IL) members started the new year with a program on philatelic observations of world’s fairs.

April issue No column this issue

May/June issue

By Karen Weigt, WFSC Secretary

The Sheboygan Stamp Club received a wonderful bit of publicity in the March 9, 2004, edition of The Sheboygan Beacon, a weekly shopper distributed to every home in Sheboygan and Oostburg. The half-page spread with a photo related club activities and the virtues of stamp collecting. How did this come about? It appears that a SSC member mentioned the club to an individual who happened to be a reporter for the weekly. The lesson here is that it pays to talk about your club and perhaps those shopper publications are looking for community activity stories.

Recently elected SSC officers are Pres. Ed Weiher, VP Vern Witt, and Secy.-Treas. Bob Keppert.

What others are doing

The Monroe Stamp and Postcard Club, formed in 2002 with nine members, has almost doubled its numbers in the past two years. Officers now leading the group are Pres. Ron Martini, VP Rich Ranum, and Secy.-Treas. Earl Button.

Members of the Outagamie Philatelic Society (Appleton) have been sharpening their philatelic skills. At January meeting, attendees explored six tables, each equipped with a different hands-on skill: watermarking, determining condition, using Scott catalogs, measuring perforations, etc. The program included a sheet of multiple-choice questions about each skill activity.

In February, OPS members learned how to create an exhibit. They were urged to at least prepare a one-page exhibit for display at the club’s annual stamp show. March was youth night, where all members were asked to bring a youngster to the meeting. The program featured a youth and an adult scavenger hunt through philatelic publications.

The Kenosha Stamp and Cover Club is reviewing its roots with a series of programs on first-day cover collecting. In January, members viewed American Philatelic Society slide show "Fascinating Highlights of First Day Cover Collecting." In April, they saw "Seventy Years of ‘Firsts’ on First Day Covers." The KSCC is looking for a new meeting location. Their current venue requires that the club carry liability insurance, which is costing the group a hefty $250 annually.

Waukesha County Philatelic Society officers elected earlier this year are Pres. Robert Ulatt, VP MaryAnn Bowman, Secy. Art Gaffney, and Treas. Lloyd Rectenwald.

On May 30, 2004, the Kettle Moraine Coin and Stamp Club (West Bend) will commemorate ZIP code day at Belgium, WI 53004. The club is producing a accreted cover with a special cancel for the occasion.

Northwestern Mutual Stamp Club (Milwaukee) officers for 2004 are Pres. Paul Zientek, VP/Librarian Brian J. Liedtke, and Secy.-Treas. Bill Carter.

The Wisconsin Valley Philatelic Society (Wausau) is in the process of forming a youth stamp club in Mattoon, WI.

Central Wisconsin Stamp Club meetings are held in Stevens Point (first Thursday of each month) and in Port Edwards (third Thursday of each month). The Port Edwards meeting people challenged the Stevens Point group in a stamp quiz that was presented to both factions. The quiz dealt with identifying 40 old postage stamps.

The Lake County Philatelic Society (Gurnee, IL), founded 71 years ago, has spiced up its newsletter by publishing some old photos from its archives.

American Topical Association Chapter 5 (Milwaukee) members brought February-related philatelic items to the February meeting. Items were described as something related to an event occurring in February or perhaps stamps depicting famous people born in February. The March meeting highlighted the topic of music.

July/August issue No column this issue

September issue

By Karen Weigt, WFSC Secretary

Earlier this year I related that the Sheboygan Stamp Club received a wonderful bit of publicity that appeared in a local weekly shopper. In May, the Oshkosh Philatelic Society received a similar blessing through an article published in the Oshkosh Northwestern, a widely distributed daily newspaper. The feature usurped a generous two-thirds of the Sunday "Neighbors" section’s front page. It included two photos taken at an OPS meeting and a discussion of the virtues of stamp collecting. Similar to the Sheboygan club experience, the article materialized through a club member who had contact with a reporter interested in doing a feature story. I believe this is called "networking."

Not mentioned in the story was that the OPS celebrated its 1400th consecutive meeting on April 19, 2004. The club produced a commemorative cover to mark the occasion.

What others are doing

In April, the Wisconsin Valley Philatelic Society (Wausau) staffed a table at Hobby Extravaganza Day, sponsored by the Marathon County Public Library. The May WVPS meeting featured the club’s annual auction.

Badger Stamp Club (Madison) officers for the 2004-05 term are Pres. Stan Rehm, VP Bert Hart, Secy. Myra Reilly, Treas. Dave Dyer, and board members Chuck Shoemaker and John Reddig.

To acknowledge the Waukesha County Philatelic Society’s 35th anniversary, members attending the April meeting were asked to bring philatelic material from the year 1969. Items were displayed and prizes awarded for various categories; e.g., most favored, most important, best design, etc. Items were then entered in the club’s mini-auction.

In observance of the season’s patriotic holidays, lots entered in the WCPS’s May mini-auction were limited to red, white, and blue items or those with a patriotic theme.

The Northwoods Philatelic Society (Iron Mountain, MI) went patriotic, too. At the June meeting, members viewed an American Topical Association slide show about Flag Day on stamps.

As a publicity aid, the NPS created a club business card. Members now have something to conveniently carry in their wallets and distribute when the opportunity arises. Of course, they’ll also be placed in strategic locations as handouts for the general public.

Results of the NPS’s May election were Pres. Tom Pleyte, VP John Klenovich, Secy. Jim Stearns, and Treas. Mark Pleyte.

In June, the Green Bay Philatelic Society held its annual joint meeting with the Oshkosh and Outagamie philatelic societies. The highlight of the gathering was a silent auction in the GBPS meeting room. GBPS officers elected in May are Pres. Tom Johnston, VP Don Kimps, Secy. Bob Johnston, and Treas. Ken Coakley.

The Lake County Philatelic Society (Gurnee, IL) has set up a weblog at http://lcps.bloghorn.com, where members can write about their stamp interests, philatelic experiences, etc. Here’s a fantastic means for members to keep in touch between meetings and for beginning collectors to ask questions. Needless to say, it’s also good publicity for the club.

LCPS meeting programs offer a variety of activities. In March, members played stamp bingo. The April program, presented by a LCPS member, focused on maritime postmarks and covers and the Universal Ship Cancellation Society. May was "Knickel Knight," where members brought items to sell, all priced at 5˘ each.

LCPS officers for 2004-05 are Pres. Tom Willer, VP Bob Luhr, Secy. Howard Shaughnessy, and Treas. Walter Veile.

In anticipation of the summer vacation season, the Northwestern Mutual Stamp Club (Milwaukee) featured a video about Yellowstone Park at its June meeting, which was followed by a quiz and show-and-tell of national park philatelic material.

June through April meeting programs of the Central Wisconsin Stamp Club (Stevens Point and Port Edwards) included opening of a new "mystery lot" for members to explore and presentations about Ukraine overprints and U.S. revenue stamps.

For the 12th year, the Kenosha Stamp and Cover Club participated with a table and philatelic freebies at the Youth Power Rally held at Carthage College in June. Recently re-elected KSCC officers are Secy. Dennis Mueller and Treas. Leonard Glass.

In April, members of the Germany Philatelic Society, Chapter 18 Heinrich von Stephan (Milwaukee) enjoyed an auction and an American Philatelic Society slide show titled "Postal Stationery of Liechtenstein."

Newly elected officers of the Outagamie Philatelic Society (Appleton) are Pres. Darwin Hintz, VP Dave Carney, Secy. Gene Clark, Treas. Verna Shackleton, and Youth Leader Shirley Kloes.

The American Topical Association Chapter 5 (Milwaukee) assigns a theme to most of its meetings and members are asked to bring related philatelic show-and-tell items. Some recent themes were cartoon and stylized stamps and members’ vacations or travels. In July, meeting attendees discussed friendships (outside of their local group) garnered through stamp collecting or their topical interests. Each member also received a set of National Topical Stamp Show ‘04 souvenir covers.

October issue

By Karen Weigt, WFSC Secretary

This past spring, several WFSC member clubs received an e-mail message announcing International Migratory Bird Day, held at the Milwaukee County Zoo on May 15. Festivities included a viewing of the "Federal Duck Stamp Tour" on both adult and junior levels. The junior tour featured original duck stamp artwork of youth from every state, including Wisconsin.

The event, held at over 90 zoos across the country, was sponsored by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service with the purpose of increasing public awareness of migratory birds and the environment in which they live.

Clubs were encouraged to participate in the event with booths displaying duck stamp collections and club promotional materials. I learned about the event through reproductions of the e-mail message published in some of our club newsletters but, unfortunately, too late to publish in Across the Fence Post. I’ve not yet heard if any clubs took advantage of this publicity opportunity.

What others are doing

In August, the Kenosha Stamp and Cover Club held its annual bourse meeting whereby all members were asked to bring items to trade or sell. The bourse included a "dollar table." Members, of course, had to properly mark their $1 items with their names so sale monies could be properly distributed. Northwoods Stamp and Coin Club (Rhinelander) members enjoyed a program on precancel stamps at their August meeting.

The American Topical Association Chapter 5 (Milwaukee) also meets throughout the summer months. Its August meeting focused on booklet and coil stamps.

Two of our WFSC clubs had already prepared their annual program schedules before summer’s end. The Oshkosh Philatelic Society, beginning its 75th year of meetings, offers an open invitation to all visitors interested in any of the programs listed below:

Sept. 7 – APS slide show "Tonga Tin Can Mail"

Sept. 20 – Collector’s Corner and Pick and Poke

Oct. 5 – Swap Meet and Silent Auction

Oct. 18 – Philatelic Dinner with guest speaker Fred Baumann

Nov. 2 – Members Auction

Nov. 15 – Dealer Night

Dec. 7 – Philatelic Gift Exchange and Silent Auction

Jan. 4 – Philatelic Raffle

Jan. 17 – Collector’s Corner and Travelogue

Feb. 1 - Members Auction

Feb. 21 – Silent Auction and Dealer Night

Mar. 1 – Post Office Tour

Mar. 21 – Silent Auction and APS slide show "Plate Number Coils"

Apr. 5 – Silent Auction and Show and Tell

Apr. 18 – Fakes and Errors

May 3 – Members Auction

Here’s the Badger Stamp Club’s (Madison) schedule of educational programs, several of which were arranged through the WFSC’s Speakers Bureau listing published in the November 2003 issue of Across the Fence Post:

Sept. 4 – Talk ‘n’ Swap

Oct. 2 – Building a Dead Country Collection

Nov. 6 – Member Bourse

Dec. 4 – Understanding Military APOs and FPOs

Feb. 5 – Private Posts

Mar. 5 – Treasure Hunting for Varieties

Apr. 2 – Plate Number Coils

May 7 – Stamps of Bosnia/Herzegovina

BSC meets twice monthly with an auction held every second meeting of the month.

November issue No column this issue

December issue

By Karen Weigt, WFSC Secretary

This is the time of year when plans for holiday celebrations dominate club newsletter announcements. Most clubs have arranged for a dinner at a local restaurant, and some dip into the treasury to pay all or a portion of their members’ meals. Waukesha County Philatelic Society members can earn their dinners by accumulating credits for meeting attendance.

Problems getting show-and-tell participation? Try the WCPS’s idea for its first meeting in September. Members were asked to present their most recent philatelic purchases, a simple assignment that eliminates any time-consuming decisions as well as excuses for showing up at the meeting with nothing to contribute to the program.

What others are doing

In the true spirit of Wisconsin cheese heads, the Kenosha Stamp and Cover Club held its traditional cheese-tasting event in conjunction with an October auction. The club provided the samplings.

The KSCC also observed October National Stamp Collecting Month by affixing appropriate philatelic material to "The Arts in Stamps" exhibit pages, which the WFSC distributed to all clubs with the September Across the Fence Post mailing. The KSCC’s final product was displayed at the Kenosha Post Office.

The Kettle Moraine Coin and Stamp Club (West Bend) prepared a National Stamp Collecting Month display using a potpourri of items gathered from several of its members. The display was placed in the West Bend Library.

At the September meeting, KMCCS members enjoyed a program on booklets, coils, uncut press sheets, and back numbers on coils. October’s educational topic was all about measuring perforations and catalog numbers.

The Northwoods Philatelic Society (Iron Mountain, MI) honored National Stamp Collecting Month by scheduling a tour of the Kingsford, MI, Mail Processing Center. In November, NPS members staffed a club booth to promote philately at the International Fair held annually at a local mall.

NPS plans to spice up its auctions with material from the recent purchase of a philatelic box lot. Some items will be set aside for use as door prizes, etc.

The Central Wisconsin Stamp Club (Stevens Point and Port Edwards) periodically acquires a large "mystery lot." Members can purchase individual stamps at club meetings throughout the year and other items are placed in a special auction.

CWSC officers re-elected for 2005 are Pres. Gregg Greenwald, VP Larry Glenzer (Stevens Point), VP David Birch (Port Edwards), Secy. Tom Sanford, and Treas. Pat Brookman.

A program on fraudulent stamps (reperfs, regumming, etc.) was presented at the Northwoods Stamp and Coin Club’s (Rhinelander) September meeting.

The American Topical Association Chapter 5 (Milwaukee) is gearing up for participation in various aspects of the ATA’s National Topical Stamp Show 2005, scheduled for June 17-19 at the Four Points Sheraton Milwaukee Airport Hotel. NTSS was last held in Milwaukee in 1999.

Officers leading the North Shore Philatelic Society of Milwaukee for 2005 are Pres. Linda Brothen, VP Robert Henak, Secy. Howard Perlick, and Treas. Claude Giralte.

In August, members of the Lake County Philatelic Society (Gurnee, IL) heard about the little-known stamps of South Moluccas. The September program featured baseball stamps and postcards.

Shirley Kloes is editor of The Valley Philatelist, newsletter of the Outagamie Philatelic Society (Appleton). She intermittently writes an article about one of the OPS members. To date, she has featured seven individuals of this approximately 30-member club. She’d like to eventually feature all the members and create a small booklet with everyone’s "story." It would enhance the club’s history file and booklets would be distributed only to OPS members. To obtain the needed information, Shirley attached a questionnaire to the September issue of The Valley Philatelist. Questions are:

(1) How did you become interested in stamp collecting and how long ago?

(2) What type of stamps do you collect?

(3) Tell a little about your family: how many children and first names.

(4) What’s your birth date, anniversary? (so the club can mail you a card).

(5) Do you have any relatives that share your interest in stamp collecting?

(6) Tell an interesting story that happened to you during your adventures in finding stamps.

Go for it, Shirley. Sounds like a great and worthwhile project!

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