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"The Club Co-op" columns for 2001

          This page includes previous The Club Co-op columns from the WFSC newsletter, Across the Fence Post published in 2001.

January issue

By WFSC Secy. Karen Weigt

As an adjunct to WFSC Pres. Paul Schroeder's column (p. 1.), I'll begin by recognizing those admirable volunteers and then go on to some catch-up news.

Leading the Central Wisconsin Stamp Club (Stevens Point and Wisconsin Rapids) for the 2000-O1 terms are re-elected officers Pres. Dave Camey, VP (Stevens Point) Carl Farnsworth, VP (Wisconsin Rapids) Doug Berryman, Secy. Tom Sanford, and Treas. Pat Brookman.

The Outagamie Philatelic Society (Appleton) also has the same slate officers for 2000-01 with Pres. Don Wydeven, VP Nancy Spencer, Secy. Dorothy Rowe, and Treas. Verna Shackleton. OPS is currently recruiting volunteers for its second annual Youth Stamp Fair to be held in February.

Ripon Philatelic Society officers for 2001 are Pres. David Borchert, Secy. Donna Mueller, and Treas. Charleen Borchert.

Wisconsin Valley Philatelic Society (Wausau) officers re-elected for 2001 are Pres. Mike Lenard, VP Bruce Goetsch, Secy. William Grosnick Sr., and Treas. Fred Ziemann.

2001 officers for the North Shore Philatelic Society of Milwaukee are Pres. Linda Brothen, VP Robert Henak, Secy. Howard Perlick, and Treas. Robert Mather.

The Milwaukee Philatelist, newsletter of the Milwaukee Philatelic Society, received a total revamping by its new editor, Bill Rinnemaki II. It's a beauty that reflects Bill's outstanding computer and graphic design skills.

The Northwoods Stamp and Coin club (Rhinelander) enlisted its new WFSC Regional VP Jim Johnson for participation at its November meeting. Jim presented a program on the topic of buying and selling stamp collections.

Also in November, members of the Belle City Stamp Club (Racine) saw the actual much-publicized Swiss embroidered stamp.

The Northwestern Mutual Stamp Club (Milwaukee) held its "annual night of fun" with bingo - the philatelic way.

Going back to October National Stamp Collecting Month, at least three WFSC clubs observed the promotion. The Kettle Moraine Coin and Stamp Club (West Bend) staffed a table at the West Bend Post Office and for a nominal fee; post office visitors could spin a wheel for a philatelic prize. The club reports it was a great success in attracting the general public to the hobby.

The Lake County Philatelic Society (Gurnee, IL) sponsored a youth stamp scramble at the local library. It also filled the library's display case with philatelic material.

The Wisconsin Valley Philatelic Society co-sponsored a stamp design contest for fourth-grade students at Wausau-area schools. 0

February issue

By WFSC Secy. Karen Weigt

True to its name, the Germany Philatelic Society, Chapter 18 Heinrich von Stephan (Milwaukee), sent a holiday greeting to its membership on a von Stephan postal card posted in Germany! Stephan was Germany's first postmaster-general, and the GPS chapter appropriately adopted his namesake when it was formed in 1977. The postal card also depicts the building in Bern, Germany, where the General Postal Union (renamed the Universal Postal Union) was founded. I very much appreciate having been included in the mailing.

What others are doing

Backtracking to November 2000 and a program on topical collecting, members of the Kettle Moraine Coin and Stamp Club (West Bend) were challenged to determine the common theme of a variety of worldwide stamps. The answer: All Scott catalog numbers ended with 000.

Via an e-mail message, I learned that the Ripon Philatelic Society's 2000 activities included trivia and quizzes, show-and-tells, auctions, buy/sell/trade sessions, a presentation on stamps of Spain, and a Christmas party.

Donation auctions were held at the December 2000 meetings of the Janesville Stamp Club and Rockford Stamp Club (IL). JSC's proceeds of $50 went to the Salvation Army. The Empty Stocking Club, which buys toys for needy children, received a whopping $254.75 from the RSC auction.

At its January meeting, Milwaukee Philatelic Society members brought holiday philatelic items for show and tell - Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.

MPS officers for 2001 are Pres. Art Petri, VP John Farkas, Secy. Kurt Alhrccht, and Treas. John Fagan. Directors for the 2001-02 terms are Roger Szymanski and Alice Archie.

W FSC apprentice judge Rob Henak spoke at the Badger Stamp Club's (Madison) January meeting. Rob's presentation on philatelic exhibiting provided enthusiasm for member participation at the club's upcoming show.

Speaking of exhibits, BSC completed the "Space" exhibit pages furnished by the WFSC last September. The pages, currently on display at the Madison Post Office, have attracted much attention.

On January 11, members of the Waukesha County Philatelic Society shared their learning experiences in a discussion of philatelic disasters.

The January 25 WCPS meeting activity had members discussing what they collect and why they collect it. They also brought show-and-tells of "est" philately: the smallest/ biggest stamp or cover, greatest number of stamps on cover, the biggest/blackest/earliest cancel, highest stamp denomination, and any other creative "est."

March issue


By WFSC Secy. Karen Weigt

A while back, I inquired about a first-day cover program often mentioned in Post Scripts, newsletter of the Kenosha Stamp and Cover Club. Thanks to Serge Logan and Helen M. Larsen, two of the club's most stalwart members, I now have the answer plus a bit of KSCC history. Ten enthusiastic collectors founded the KSCC in 1952. At that time, though, it was called the Cover Collectors Circuit Club, or the four C's. The following year, the group obtained its charter from the national Cover Collectors Circuit Club in Waterloo, IA, and officially became the Kenosha Cover Club Chapter No. 4.

Members exchanged commemorative stamps with collectors worldwide. This was done via a chain-letter system and circuits, with contacts made through the national CCCC. Cacheted covers purchased through the club were often used for the mailings. In turn, many interesting and decorative covers were received through the exchange and traded at monthly meetings. The club also held cover contests with various categories such as regular, hand-decorated, or first-day covers.

Until 1959, the club ordered cacheted covers from the Aristocrat Cover Co. After 1959, covers were attained through Artmaster. Most members serviced their covers themselves by affixing the stamps and mailing them to the appropriate location for first-day cancellation.

To this day, the club, which became the Kenosha Stamp and Cover Club in 1967, continues to have a standing cover order with Artmaster, which is located in Kentucky.

Helen M. Larsen, who served as KSCC secretary from 1980-84 and 1998-00, and treasurer from 1992-97, has run the cover program for more than 20 years. When the Arnnaster order arrives, Helen notifies members to pick up their serviced/unserviced cacheted covers or postal cards. Helen comments, "As philatelists know, collecting FDCs is very interesting and educational."

Northwestern Mutual Stamp Club (Milwaukee) officers for 2001 are Pres. Paul Zientek, VP Don Arndt, and Secy.-Treas. Bill Carter.

The Wauwatosa Philatelic Society sponsors three annual community events: TOSAPEX, a public auction, and Stamps for Kids Night. This year's youth activity is scheduled for February 27. The auction will be held on March 31.

In February, Belle City Stamp Club (Racine) members viewed the APS slide show "How to Collect Air Mail Covers." To complement the program, the meeting included a show-and-tell of airmail stamps and covers.

Likewise, the February meeting of our new American Topical Association Chapter No. 5 (Milwaukee) featured a presentation about moths and butterflies, with members later sharing philatelic material related to the topic. A white elephant show-and-tell was held in January. Participants brought items that don't fit within their collections, and yet, they are reluctant to part with them.

Several clubs report devoting their March meeting to the 2001 WFSC Club Trivia Contest, the winner of which will be announced on May 5 at the WFSC's Annual Business Meeting.

What others are doing

Officers re-elected to serve the Northwoods Stamp and Coin Club (Rhinelander) for the year 2001 are Pres. Lawrence Marlen, VP James Caldwell, Secy. John Barnick, and Treas. Norman Braeger.

The group's February meeting featured one-page exhibits. The NSCC began this annual program in 1998 and reports it is always interesting, informative, and quite successful.

April issue

by WFSC Secy. Karen Weigt

          This year's WISCOPEX theme celebrates 70 years of the Sheboygan Stamp Club and the 70th WFSC convention. In 2002, the WFSC will celebrate another 70th milestone, namely, the anniversary of its founding in 1932.
          Confused? The explanation is that in 1932, nine Wisconsin clubs convened in Fond du Lac for the sole purpose of forming a federation. Thus, unlike most groups that organize first and then stage a convention, the WFSC was founded at its first convention.
          As part of this bit of trivia, I searched the files and discovered the birth dates of some of our WFSC clubs. Those formed prior to 1950 that are currently on the WFSC rolls are:

Milwaukee Philatelic Society - 1899
Fond du Lac Stamp Club - 1929
Green Bay Philatelic Society - 1929
Oshkosh Philatelic Society - 1930
Rockford Stamp Club - 1930
Belle City Stamp Club - 1932
Ripon Philatelic Society - 1932
Sheboygan Stamp Club - 1932
Lake County Philatelic Society - 1933
Janesville Stamp Club - 1936
Outagamie Philatelic Society - 1942
Wisconsin Postal History Society - 1942

          Did I miss any pre-1950 clubs? If so, please let me know. One of these days, I hope to get our WFSC membership manual in order -- a publication that will include such information.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

          The ever-creative Robert J. Mather, president of the Waukesha County Philatelic Society, devised an amusing program called "trader's holiday." Upon advance notice, each member showed up at the club meeting with a $2 minimum-value trade item. (In retrospect, Bob concluded that the value might be increased to $5.)
          The object of the activity is not necessarily to go home with a great trade item, but to accumulate the most points based on the number of trade transactions. Consequently, bringing a desirable item to start with encourages a trade. Likewise, acquiring a desirable item will promote a trade.
          Starting at one end of the room, each member, in turn, is given a chance to trade with any other club member, and trade requests cannot be refused. Points are accumulated when, for instance, member A decides he wants the item held by member B. The exchange is made and member B receives a slip of paper representing a point. If later, the item held by member B is the subject of a trade, member B receives a second slip representing a second point, and so on.
          The activity ends after a preset amount of time, although extra time might be needed to ensure that a complete round of trade opportunities is concluded. The person with the most slips of paper is declared the winner and receives a prize.

May/June No column this issue

July/August No column this issue

September issue

By WFSC Secy. Karen Weigt

I'm willing to bet AA is the secret to its success. The American Topical Association chapter V is less than two years old and growing rapidly. It is defying what many older clubs have been saying for years, that it's impossible to attract new members. Yes, it's definitely AA attitude and ambition.

It starts with the pretense that your organization has merit, the proper attitude that feeds ambition. AA propels yet another "A" - action among the membership to participate, to recruit, and to become innovative.

Just one ATA Chapter V innovation is to fill an exhibit frame by having each member contribute a page that reflects his/her philatelic interest. But members aren't just asked to prepare a page. They're encouraged with follow-throughs in the form of assistance. Meeting time is devoted to discussions of the individual proposed pages. Drafts are critiqued with regard to material, layout and text. Material is acquired, too, as buy-sell-trade sessions are prompted when members become aware of each other’s interests.

The exhibit frame activity serves as a learning experience, means of building a collection, and finally as a publicity item when it is displayed at MILCOPEX with club meeting information.

Here's an example of what AA can do!

October issue

By WFSC Secy. Karen Weigt

This issue's "President's Message" lists volunteers involved with WFSC administrative efforts. Here, we recognize the folks who lead our local clubs, without which there would be no need for a federation.

These VIPs were elected this past spring and serve clubs that operate according to the philatelic year, traditionally kicked off with the American Philatelic Society STAMPSHOW held in late August. Other WFSC clubs follow the calendar year, where elections are held in December.

2001-02 Janesville Stamp Club officers are: Pres. Dan Hammell, VP Mel Stahl, Secy.-Treas. Dwane Kaplenk, and board member Gary Wentworth.

Although Kenosha Stamp and Cover Club officers serve two-year terms, elections are held annually. A president and vice president are elected one-year; a secretary and treasurer the next. Results of the KSCC 2001 elections were: Pres. Joseph Renkas, VP Carl Sandine, and Treas. Leonard Glass. In this unusual election, the treasurer will serve for one year to fill a vacancy in the position.

Now leading the Badger Stamp Club (Madison) are: Pres. Curt Shawkey, VP Bert Hart, Secy. Charles Shoemaker, Treas. Art Arntsen, and board members John Rettig and Myra Reilly.

BSC is one of the groups that spend the summer months planning a yearly calendar of educational programs. Upcoming topics are:

Sept. 1 - Comments on APS STAMPSHOW

Oct. 6 - Greenland Cinderella Material

Nov. 3 - Philatelic Resources at Madison-area Libraries

Dec. 1 - Life Beyond Stamp Collecting: Members' Other Hobbies/Interest

Jan. 5 - Philately Recognizes HIV/AIDS

Feb. 2 - Clothesline Exhibits

Mar. 2 - Preparing an Exhibit

May 4 - Marine Corps Topical Collecting

BSC meets twice a month with an auction held at each second monthly meeting.

DANEPEX '02 is scheduled for April 6. Results of the Wisconsin Postal History Society's 2001 elections were truly historic! For 27 years, Merwin Leet held the office of president while Frank Moertl served as the society's secretary. Officers are now listed as: Pres. Frank Moertl, VP James Maher, Secy. Bill Robinson, Treas. Greg Schmidt, and director Merwin Leet. Unfortunately, some of the shifting of positions was due to illness.

Current WPHS projects consist of producing publications on Wisconsin Civil War patriotic covers, history of the USS Wisconsin, and Wisconsin "Return to Sender" auxiliary cancels. For further information about the WPHS and an application for membership, write to: Bill Robinson, Secy., WPHS, P.O. Box 12492, Green Bay, WI 54307.

Outagamie Philatelic Society officers for this stamp club year are: Pres. Gene Clark, VP Darwin Hintz, Secy. Herman Tollenaar, and Treas. Verna Shackleton. Programs scheduled include:

Sept. 20 - Swap and Shop, Quiz

Oct. 18 - Dealer's Night

Jan. 17 - Dealer's Night

Feb. 21 - WFSC Trivia Contest

Apr. 18 - Scavenger Hunt

Months not listed feature auctions or social events.

Green Bay Philatelic Society 2001-02 officers are: Pres. Gordy Lindner, VP Bill Feldhausen, Secy. Thomas Johnston, and Treas. Ken Coakley.

Results of this spring's Northwoods Philatelic Society (Iron Mountain, MI) elections were: Pres. Eric Richter, VP A1 LeBlanc, Secy. Jim Stearns, and Treas. Mark Pleyte.

Lake County Philatelic Society (Gurnee, IL) officers re-elected are: Pres. Fred Schaefer, VP Glenn Zinck, Secy. Howard Shaughnessy, and Treas. Walter Veile.

Officers steering the Oshkosh Philatelic Society are: Pres. Hank Schmidt, VP Gilbert LaBudde, Secy. Orion Hintz, and Treas. Paul T. Schroeder. Here are the OPS plans for the year:

Sept. 4 - Pick and Poke Mixture

Sept. 17 - APS Slide Show

Oct. 2 – Auction

Nov. 6 -U.S. Postal Cards

Nov. 19 - Dealers' Night

Dec. 4 - Philatelic Gift Exchange

Jan. 8 - Linn's Stamp Popularity Contest

Jan. 21 - Travelogue

Feb. 5 - A Million Machins

Feb. 18 - Auction

Mar. 5 - APS Slide Show

Mar. 18 - Dealers' Night

Apr. 2 - Military Covers

Apr. 15 - Auction

May 7- Bidding on the Internet


Additional OPS plans are for a philatelic dinner in October, elections in May, and a summer picnic.

November issue No column this issue

December issue

By WFSC Secy. Karen Weigt

Club mailings of the September ATFP included a set of fill-in-the-blanks exhibit pages. MaryAnn Bowman, of the WFSC Publicity and Public Relations Committee, created the pages for use as a promotional display during October National Stamp Collecting Month.

Although October has come and gone, I'm working on the Badger Stamp Club's set, which will be displayed at Madison's main post office. I took on the activity for BSC because the theme for this year's pages is cartoons on U.S. stamps. I collect U.S. stamps so I had most of the items suggested for placement on the pages. Lacking a first-day cover for page 1, however, I got on the Internet and easily found one to order by mail - the wonders of the Web.

I'm also finding that this is a fun project! It's simple to do and the results are most gratifying. I encourage all of our WFSC clubs to take a second look at the pages and use them.

What others are doing

The Central Wisconsin Stamp Club (Stevens Point and Wisconsin Rapids) elected its 2002 officers: Pres. Tom Sanford, Stevens Point VP Carl Farnsworth, Wisconsin Rapids VP Gregg Greenwald, Secy. Larry Glenzer, and Treas.

Pat Brookman.

CWSC members are currently enjoying their 2001 mystery lot opened this fall. Each year, the group orders a large mystery mix. Upon receipt, a designated member goes through it and pulls out high-value items that are suitable for the club's annual mystery lot auction. Members peruse the remaining stamps for individual purchases. Price per stamp decreases as the lot becomes more and more picked over. The CWSC has found that good mixes usually fall in the $200 range.

The Rockford Stamp Club (IL) offers a door prize at each meeting that ultimately supports its annual local show. The prize, $5 worth of "show bucks," are redeemable only for purchases made at the show.

Going patriotic, the Northwestern Mutual Stamp Club's (Milwaukee) October meeting featured a video about U.S. presidents' birthplaces. The program also included a philatelic presidential show and tell and quiz.

Current events might have been on the minds of those who planned fall programs for the Northwoods Stamp and Coin Club (Rhinelander). The group's October meeting featured war cancellations. In November, they looked to the Middle East to explore blood stamps of Iran.

Earlier this year, the Lake County Philatelic Society (Gurnee, IL) held a dollar-night meeting. Members brought an unlimited number of items to sell for precisely $1.

The American Topical Association Chapter V (Milwaukee) will soon have a business card to publicize the club. Members can easily carry a supply of the cards, thereby being prepared to hand them out whenever the opportunity arises.

Following the success of the ATA's frames of one-page exhibits displayed at MILCOPEX (see explanation in my September 2001 column), they're now working on a frame for WISCOPEX '02. Rather than the usual potpourri of pages, though, this time they've chosen a common theme titled "Milwaukee: A Great Place on a Great Lake." Each member will create a page on a topic within the theme. Needless to say, the project will require much coordination to be done at monthly meetings.

The Kenosha Stamp and Cover Club have a chairperson who handles sending get-well and sympathy cards to members or members' families.

In October, Northwoods Philatelic Society (Iron Mountain, MI) members heard about collecting antique picture postcards. In November, they again promoted their club through participation in the annual International Fair held at a local mall.

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