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January issue No column this issue

 February issue


The Milwaukee Philatelic Society's annual spring bourse, STAMPFEST, will be held March 3-4 at St. Aloysius Gonzaga Hall, 1435 So. 92nd St., in West Allis. This year's event features 25 dealers from throughout the Mid-west. MPS is also offering 50 door prizes. For further details, see this issue's back-page ad.

March issue

MILCOPEX '01 HOSTS EIRE PHILATELIC ASSOCIATION MILCOPEX 'O1 will devote 1,000 pages of its 2,500-page exhibition to Irish philately. Other plans include a 30-dealer bourse, a United Nations Postal Administration booth, and a U.S. Postal Service substation.

The Milwaukee Philatelic Society sponsors Wisconsin’s only annual national-level show. The 2001 event will be held September 14-16 at the Family Living Center Building, located within the Wisconsin State Fair Park complex in West Allis.

For an exhibit prospectus and entry form, write to: MPS, Box 1980, Milwaukee, WI 53201-1980. Bourse applications are available from: John Fagan, W140 N7470 Lilly Rd., Menomonee Falls, WI 53051, 262-251-0617.

Diabetes Awareness Stamp Unveiling Ceremony in Three Wisconsin Cities

Co-hosts of a special unveiling of the upcoming Diabetes Awareness stamp are the American Diabetes Association and three Wisconsin post offices: Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay. Events will be held in all three cities at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, March 27, 2001. For further details, contact the host cities' main post offices or your local ADA office.

A printed program, a special cancel, and possibly a cacheted cover will be available at the ceremonies.

April issue


The Northwoods Philatelic Society (Rhinelander) now meets at the Masonic Temple, 23 E. Davenport St., in Rhinelander. Meetings are held twice a month at 7 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesdays.


The Oshkosh Philatelic Society reports that the philatelic counter at the Oshkosh Post Office is now open Monday through Friday from

11 a.m. to noon, and 4 p.m. to closing.


Milwaukee-area clubs will hold their 15th annual Distinguished Philatelist Appreciation Dinner on March 18, 2001. This year's honoree is Kurt Albrecht, member of the Milwaukee and the Waukesha County philatelic societies. Kurt will be honored for visibly and repeatedly demonstrating an interest in stamp collecting as well as working to develop interest and enjoyment of the hobby for others.

The North Shore Philatelic Society of Milwaukee, with Linda Brothen chairing the Advisory Committee, hosts the 2001 event.

May/June issue


ROCKFORD '01, sponsored by the Rockford Stamp Club, was held March 10-11 at the Forest Hills Lodge, Rockford, IL. Judged exhibits received the following awards:

Open Competition

Gold and Grand Award - Pitcairn Island Stamps and Postal History, by Dan Hammell

Gold - U. S. Internal Revenue 1862-1871, by Tim Wait

Silver - Rockford A Look Back, by Dwane Kaplenk

Bronze -Labor on Stamps, by Leroy Anderson

Single-Frame Competition

1st -British Malta, by Gary Zink

2nd -British Cape of Good Hope Triangles, by Gary Zink

3rd - Olympic Stamps, by Don Alcock


On March 24, the Badger Stamp Club sponsored DANEPEX '01. The show was held at Madison Turners Hall in Madison. Exhibit judges were Art Schmitz and Robert Henak. Exhibit awards were:

Open Competition

1st and Best of Show - The Postal History of American Forces in Bermuda: 1923-1998, by John A. Pare

1st plus Most Popular Exhibit - War Tax Stamps of the British Empire, by Mike Sullivan

1st - Greenland Cinderella Material, by Charles Shoemaker

Single-Frame Competition

1st and Best Single-Frame Exhibit - Confederate States of America - The Twelfth Issue, by Gary Zink

1st -Bermuda: The 1940 Half Penny Provisional Overprint, by John A. Pare

1st - Greenland Mails: A Canadian Connection 1930's & 1940's, by Charles Shoemaker

2nd -Discontinued 20th Century Wisconsin Post Offices, by Jim Hale

2nd -AIDS, by Robert T. Voss

3rd - Stamps on Stamps, by Pat Rich

Youth Competition

1st and Best Youth Exhibit - Bears and What They Eat, by Brigid Schultz

1st - Christian Religious Art, by Monica Schultz

2nd -Fish, by Abby Henneman

2nd - Cats, by Noelle Henneman

2nd -The Circus is Coming to Town, by Kenji Shoemaker

2nd - Conservation, by Jesse Robinson

July/August issue

Bill Otto and Tom Sanford Join the Wisconsin Philatelic Hall of Fame

On May 5, delegates at the 2001 Annual Business Meeting voted to induct Bill Otto and Thomas Sanford into the Wisconsin Philatelic Hall of Fame.

Bill needs no introduction to stamp collectors in the Milwaukee area as he holds member- ship in nearly all clubs within the city and surrounding communities. He furthermore is extremely active in all of them. To quote from his nomination that came from the North Shore Philatelic Society of Milwaukee, "When Bill gets involved in a project, you can bet that his guidance and leadership will ensure that the endeavor will be successful."

Tom, of Wisconsin Rapids, WI, is a member of the Central Wisconsin Stamp Club. His philatelic achievements have gained him recognition as the preeminent national authority on Wisconsin precancels and Belgium precancels. Tom has successfully exhibited his precancel collections. He also has written and edited several precancel publications. One of Tom's many articles on the subject appears in the March 2000 issue of ATFP.

The WFSC is now accepting nominations for the Wisconsin Philatelic Hall of Fame Class of 2002. Only WFSC member clubs may submit nominations. (Further nomination details will appear in the September ATFP.) •


On June 21, Earl Button joined the JSC's Hall of Fame. The honor was instituted in 1996 to recognize members for outstanding service to the club and efforts in promoting philately. Earl is the 7SC's current president.


Mike Peters, RSC's vice president, received the 2001 Perry Arnquist Award at the club's annual dinner held on April 18. Previous award recipients for outstanding club service are:

1991 - Perry Arnquist 1992- Evertt Thelene 1993 - Donald Arnquist 1994- Otto Ehlers 1995 - Dick Wibom 1996 - Dan Hammell 1997- Robert Rosell 1998 - Matt Mace 1999 - Dwane Kaplenk 2000 - Thomas Johnston

September issue


The Old Woman Who Lived in the Shoe circus wagon is featured on the multicolored cachet of MPS's 2001 circus parade covers. Covers were prepared for four days of the parade celebration and include a pictorial cancel featuring footprints. The celebration was held July 11-15 at Milwaukee's lakefront Veterans Park show grounds.

MPS has issued circus parade covers for each year 1971-73 and 1985-2001. Cost of the 2001 cover is $2 each or $b for a set of four. Send orders to: MPS Circus Covers, P.O. Box 1980, Milwaukee, WI 53201-1980. Make checks payable to MPS and include a No. 10 SASE.

October issue


Carl Sandine received the KSCS's 2000 Jack Larsen Memorial Award. The award honors the club's member of the year and was presented at the group's annual May banquet.

Past recipients of the award are:

1986 Serge Gontscharow

1987 Robert Kemble

1988 Irmgard Daniels

1989 Dennis Mueller

1990 Alden Felland

1991 Helen Larsen

1998 Alice Bieda and Joe Renkas

1999 Linda Books

1992 Robert Balcome

1993 Serge Logan

1994 Larry Schall

1995 Serge Logan

1996 Helen Larsen

1997 Joe Renkas

Wisconsin Exhibitors On the National Scene

The American Topical Association's National Topical Stamp Show 2001 was held June 22-24, in Mesa, AZ. Congratulations to Wisconsin exhibitors who won the following awards:

Open Competition

Gold - Man Beneath the Sea, by Roland Essig

Vermeil - The Donkey in Man's World, by Robert J. Mather

Single-Frame Competition

Silver - Daedalus and Icarus, by Jack Green

Silver - Project Gemini, by Jack Green

The annual American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors Youth Championship competition was also held in conjunction with the show. Wisconsin youth who had the honor of participating with their exhibits were:

• Danielle Henak with On Wisconsin

• Sara Henak with Puma Concolor

Awards garnered by Wisconsinites at the American Philatelic Society's STAMPSHOW '01 held August 23-26 at Rosemont, IL, were:

Open Competition

Gold - Man Beneath the Sea, by Roland Essig

Vermeil - Wolf, by Fred Ziemann

Single-Frame Competition

Vermeil - Michael, Gabriel and Associates, by Roland Essig


Silver-Bronze - Conservation, by Jesse Robinson

November issue


MILCOPEX '0l, sponsored by the Milwaukee Philatelic Society, was held September 14-16 at State Fair Park in West Allis. Despite the lack of airline transportation due to the terrorist attack of September 11, dealers and judges were able to make it to the show. Unfortunately, though, the planned meeting of the Eire Philatelic Association had to be canceled.

Congratulations to Wisconsin exhibitors who won the following awards at this national-level show:

Open Competition

Gold - Ireland: The Overprinted Stamps of Great Britain 1922-1935, by James Maher

• Reserve Grand Award

• Eire Philatelic Association Medal

• Best Irish Multi-Frame Exhibit

• APS 1900-1940 Medal of Excellence

Gold - Man Beneath the Sea, by Roland Essig

• ATA Gold Medal

• American Philatelic Congress Award

Vermeil - The Donkey in Man's World, by Robert J. Mather

Silver - Argentina Ship Mail, by Lawrence Soley

Silver - The Postal History of American Forces in Bermuda, by John Pare

Silver-Bronze - Taylor County Post Offices.-The Log Cabin County, by Frank Moertl 

Bronze - Philately and Color - An Overview, by Patricia Loehr

Bronze - British Zululand, by Gary Zink

Single-Frame Competition

Vermeil - Uses of the 1940 Bermuda Halfpenny Provisional Stamp, by John Pare


Vermeil- Horses Around the World, by Danielle Henak

• NAYSEC Youth Grand Award

• JPA Blue Ribbon and H.E. Harris Award

• ATA Youth Award

• AAPE Award of Honor

Silver - Puma Concolor, by Sara Henak

Silver-Bronze - Conservation, by Jesse Robinson

Bronze - Dinosaur Stamp and Covers of the World, by Elliott Zink

Bronze - Chinese New Year, by Tessa Yahr


On September 29, the Wisconsin Valley Philatelic Society sponsored WnUSAPex 2001. People’s Choice ballots with the following results judged eight exhibits:

lst - A Friendship is Formed from "Down Under, " by Linda Schultz

2nd - Early Postmaster Cancels of Wausau, by Wm. Grosnick Sr.

3rd - Airplane Cancels, by Paul Nelson Melanie Tlusty, WVPS youth member, won the award for the most popular exhibit. Her exhibit is titled Horses Appearing on U.S. Commemorative Stamps, 1893-2000.


The Milwaukee Philatelic Society is offering its limited remaining supply of Bureau of Engraving and Printing souvenir cards specially produced for MILCOPEX 'O1 banquet attendees. The vignette features President John F. Kennedy.

A set of three show covers saluting Irish philately also is available.

For mail order details, contact: NIPS, P.O. Box 1980, Milwaukee, WI 53201-1980.

December issue No column this issue

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